Wynn to work his magic again

Oct 17, 2001 1:50 AM

THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG! News leaks have left little of what Steve Wynn can be expected to say when he appears at this week’s World Gaming Congress & Expo.

It’s already on the record (as reported in GamingToday in August) that his Valvino Lamore LLC will build a 2,455-room, 59-story hotel at his Desert Inn site. A casino and convention center will be 120,000 square feet.

It was further learned that the Magic Man, who loves to dream, would name the resort Le Rêve, which stands for the dream.

“I hear,” said a pipe, “the resort will include a three-acre swimming pool.”

And, if you like to count dollars, the pipe added, it is estimated the project will cost nearly $1.9 billion.

MEN AT WORK! Tom Weisner and his crew at Holy Cow bistro on the Strip at Sahara Ave. will have their work cut out for them this week in trying to fit 68 candles on the cake for Dan Chandler’s birthday bash.

I’ll try to make it, Dan. I know for sure you’ll have enough wind to blow everyone of them out. Happy Birthday, from me.

ALPHABET SOUP! Brian Sandoval, who gave up his post on the Nevada Gaming Commission, is on the move. His target: the office of Attorney General for the State of Nevada. The 37-year-old Reno lawyer will run on the Republican ticket. He’s been on the NGC since 1998 and served as chairman until his recent departure to enter the political arena of AG.

POKER ROOM DOOMED! A rosebud, who spends her afternoons playing seven-card stud was on the phone.

She was begging for the support of GamingToday.

“They are so narrow-minded,” she said. “They think they can run a first-class casino and eliminate everything except the slot machines. What happened to the theory that a first-class casino needs players ”” a wide variety of them from BJ players to dice shooters to slots players and, don’t forget, poker players?

“Smarten them up, GamingToday, they’ll listen!”

THE BONANZA THAT NEVER WAS! Investors who retained their shares in Jackpot (J), the former gaming company that was transformed into an “incubator” company for struggling Internet companies, thought they had struck gold last week when AOL Anywhere reported that the closing price for J Net Enterprises Inc. (J) was $63 a share.

Earlier in the day, the price of the company’s shares was listed at $3.90.

“Run out and price that new Mercedes,” shouted one investor when he viewed his portfolio and saw the huge increase in J Net.

However, the bad news hit when a new portfolio printout showed the closing price for J Net Enterprises was really $3.90 a share.

An inquiry to AOL Anywhere for an explanation was fruitless. A response from “Personal Finance Channel” suggested the portfolio owner should “refer to the troubleshooting areas within the My AOL Service for help.

ROBIN LEACH, who lives mostly in Las Vegas, is New York City bound. He will play the narrator role when “The Rocky Horror Show” re-opens in November. A rosebud said Robin misses the changing color of the trees and the crunch of the fall leaves.

GONZO! A pipe who insists you can’t make money where there ain’t no money, believes that Park Place Entertainment (PPE) is going to shut down the Flamingo Reno on Oct. 23 whether the property is sold or not.

“It’s been a turkey. It loses money. But, none of those facts seem to matter to a would-be buyer ””Shawn Scott. I’d say Park Place made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. But, getting licensed may present problems. Scott was refused for a license renewal four years ago. If he indeed becomes the buyer, he will take another run at gaming regulators to win their blessing.

DEAD IN THE WATER? “It looks that way to me,” said a pipe. “There is a full-court press in Pennsylvania to allow slot machines at its four racetracks.

“I make it a long shot to pass. And, even it does pass the House committee, it will likely face stiff opposition in the full House. Gambling bills there have been a graveyard in recent years.”

The pipe explained that if by chance the bill passes the House and full Senate, Gov. Mark Schweiker, said he would not sign such a bill without a statewide referendum.

“The news is not being kindly taken by track owners, horse breeders and trainers, who campaigned in Pennsylvania. They insist the industry is terminal if it doesn’t get some help. Our residents are going across the borders into Delaware and West Virginia with their gambling dollars,” the pipe added.

At the same time, reviewing the events makes one wonder about the fate of a fifth track being built in Erie.

IF THE MONEY WILL LAST, THE DICE WILL PASS! And, Mike Conway of National Airlines wants to make sure the money lasts. The carrier’s top gun has extended its “Get America Flying” program through Feb. 13 with First Class fares up to 40% off. And, there’s even more!

If you buy your National Airlines ticket online, knock off another 10%. Tickets must be purchased by Oct. 28. A variety of resorts are also offering a one-night freebie to customers flying on Conway’s program.

Conway told GamingToday that the program began Sept. 19 with unprecedented low roundtrip fares. “The response was so overwhelming we even amazed ourselves. So what do we do? We extend it.”

It sounds like a winner to me. My number is 8. I’d want to bet it the hard way.

OUTSVILLE! A federal judge ordered the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to eliminate rules that push casinos toward hiring certain percentages of female and minority employees.

Explained a rosebud: “It’s the final death blow to affirmative action under the Casino Control Act regulations. It’s over . . . kaput!. They simply have no basis for having in their regulations provisions that favor the hiring of women or minorities.”