Tacky world of Vaudeville alive and well

Oct 17, 2001 2:02 AM

Who says Vaudeville is dead? Breck Wall at the Flamingo celebrates his 15,000th performance of Bottoms Up on October 27. We’re all privileged to have seen this wonderful, albeit hokey afternoon show for decades. His show in Laughlin at the Flamingo closed this weekend, however.

In these serious and sometimes grave times, Las Vegas provides a measure of entertainment and relief. Wayne Newton takes the banner of Bob Hope by entertaining our troops. Some of the stars lining up to stand with Wayne include Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Quincy Jones and many other international stars. The Las Vegas community is doing everything in its power to keep the morale up even as the layoffs keep coming. But things are getting better; things are looking up.

Las Vegas performers are setting a concert to benefit the USO. Remember the USO? Times have changed. The date will be November 11 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. A Veteran’s Day celebration. The stars include Bob Anderson, Bill Acosta, Lance Burton, Clint Holmes, Wayne Newton, The Scintas, Siegfried & Roy and Ed Turner. There will be more performers announced later this week but Clint Holmes and Frank Scinta have been calling everyone to make sure this happens.

At the Sahara, I got a call from Steve Wyrick who tells me his return to the stage this week could be delayed. He’s still recovering, but should return intact.

Look for Golden Rainbows 35th annual Beaux Arts Ball at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand. Also, yours truly hosts a Halloween Night at New York-New York in the Rita Rudner theater on October 31. If you don’t have a costume, I have a closet full!

The big talk at the Aladdin is that Stevie Nicks was brilliant, but Sheryl Crow was on stage too long. On Wednesday, the gourmet Burgandy Room at the Lady Luck downtown re-opens.

At the Frontier, Thunder from Down Under is still doing big business. Rita Rudner is taking off 10 days from her show at New York-New York and good news for The Rat Pack at the Sahara, they’re off the hook with the Sinatra estate.

We all know the Emmy Awards were cancelled. Possible re-schedule for sometime in November. I feel it was a good thing, the cancellation. Maybe they should just mail the awards to everyone.

One of the good things, Helping Hands 2, opens to assist displaced workers. This is a good thing.

The November roster for Sam’s Town reads like a Who’s Who. Coming November 3 is Gladys Knight, November 12, Ronnie Milsap, and November 26, Creedance Clearwater Revisited.

Guess who? Guess who? Brittany Spears, Brittany Spears. I hope she leaves her snake at home. She’ll be performing November 17 at the MGM Grand. Tickets range from $39.50 to $75. We all know what an incredible show Janet Jackson had at the MGM. Brittany should be up to the challenge.

The wonderful Amazing Jonathan will offer tricks or treats at the Golden Nugget ballroom, a Hollywood themed performance to intrigue audiences on Halloween.

Mariah Carey, whose film is a bomb and album sales are sluggish, is down in the dumps. Her great Latin lover is nowhere to be seen. I advised her not to leave Tommy Matola. Next time, listen!

Business is picking up, and hotel rooms are filling up; many are almost sold to capacity. Las Vegas is back! They can’t keep us down! We will overcome! (Do you know anyone who will open mail for a small fee?)