End of an era in Windsor!

Oct 17, 2001 2:07 AM

They shed tears in Windsor, Ontario, and, in fact, throughout the harness racing world, last week with the passing of Tom Joy, the man who successfully battled the competition of a casino with his little Windsor Raceway harness racetrack. “Talk about a gutsy guy,” said our Canadian pipe. “When the province authorized the building of Windsor Casino, a short way from his harness track, Joy went to the mat. He came up with a variety of promotions that not only kept his track afloat, but actually helped it prosper. “More recently, when the authorities approved the installation of slot machines at racetracks, Joy jumped aboard for his facility and turned the entire project into a major winner. “He was no threat to Bobby Yee’s successful Windsor Casino, but he carved a niche for his track and won the acclaim of the trotting industry. Despite putting up a major struggle, he succumbed to bone cancer. However, his true grit in handling adversity will remain a beacon to those in the sport he loved.”