Tribal gaming is big draw

Oct 17, 2001 2:14 AM

Several thousand delegates from tribal nations across North America are expected to attend the three-day WGCE this week. Among the activities related to Indian gaming include: A keynote address by NIGA chairman Ernest Stevens, Jr.; the induction of longtime national Indian gaming leader Richard G. (Rick) Hill into the Gaming Hall of Fame; and a series of seminars focused on Indian gaming, which will include an appearance by the former Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, Kevin Gover.

Stevens will address the WGCE general assembly on Wednesday. Stevens, now in his first term as Chairman and national spokesman for NIGA, also serves on the Executive Board to the Native American Rights Fund, National Indian Child Welfare Association, Boys and Girls Club of America (Native American Advisory Board) and National Indian Telecommunications.

“This is where our tribal leaders and management get the latest on industry trends and technology and meet with the people that can make a difference to Indian gaming’s bottom line,” Stevens said.

A multi-session seminar series has been designed to address Indian gaming concerns. Topics include “The Federal Acknowledgement Process ”” The GAO Report,” “PR For the 21st Century,” “Inside the Beltway,” “Class II in the New Millennium,” “The New Deal (development and consultant agreements),” “The Eight State Struggle,” and “A Whole New Game ”” Doing Business in the New Indian gaming Market.”