Rams set to fall

Oct 17, 2001 2:23 AM

The biggest crapshoot on Sunday was not in any Las Vegas Casino. No, it was on the NFL playing fields.

Games went down to the wire with overtime needed in three contests. Though the Rams are 5-0, they are just as susceptible to getting waylaid without much warning. St. Louis escaped against the Giants last outing, but may not be lucky the next time.

Thursday, Oct. 18

Jags 20, Bills 10: Both teams are coming off a bye week, a welcome respite for these injury riddled squads. Going with Jags minus the points (about 9).

Sunday, Oct. 21

Colts 37, Pats 27: QB Tom Brady is a dangerous young man at the controls of the Pats with the guts of a second-story man. Colts give up points, however they can score. Not too enthusiastic about giving 12½ points. Going with Pats plus that mountain.

Jets 31, Rams 27: The Jets are no bargains at home, however, when they are getting points they are the most dangerous. QB Vinny Testaverde and RB Curtis Martin are a most dangerous tandem on an offense that can match the Rams. Going with the Jets +6.

Saints 34, Falcons 20: The Saints have turned into a scoring machine, unlike years past when they counted on their defense to win. New Orleans definitely playoff timber while Falcons are a couple of years away. Atlanta puts points on the board. Watch for the backdoor cover. Take Saints.

Skins 23, Panthers 16: The Redskins have come on hard times. However, the feeling here is Skins will come around and be competitive the rest of the season. Carolina lost a heartbreaker to New Orleans after making a sensational comeback. Going with Skins +3.

Bengals 20, Bears 17: The Bears are riding a three-game win streak for the first time in years. Bengals came from behind to whip Browns in their hot rivalry. Bengals at pick’em is our selection.

Ravens 23, Browns 14: The Ravens were humiliated by Green Bay last outing and should make amends here. QB Grbac may be under the weather for this one. No matter, the Ravens overcome. Lay the 6½ points.

Bucs 20, Steelers 13: The Bucs showed some offense versus Tennessee. More points will show up here. Steelers held on to upset Chiefs on the road, but run out of luck here. Bucs —4½ does the job.

Titans 20, Lions 17: We are not convinced that the Titans are good enough to be favored by 7 points on the road indoors. Lions showed signs of life versus Vikings, however Minny defense not the best in the NFL. Lions +7 is our selection.

Chargers 26, Broncos 24: San Diego lost two road games to Cleveland and New England, two so-so teams unless you bet against them. Chargers are a different cup of tea at home. San Diego plus 4 makes things very interesting.

Cards 24, Chiefs 17: The Cards have a difficult time winning games, however they play 60 minutes and that makes them dangerous. Arizona failed in its comeback versus the Bears, but it will carry over. Cards plus 3 is our selection.

Vikes 37, Packers 34: The Vikes have been disappointing this season, showing some scoring punch. However, the offense has been shoddy. Packers are on top of their game, reaching their zenith against the Ravens. The rest is downhill. Shootout in Minny has us going with Vikings plus 3.

Monday, Oct. 22

Giants 24, Eagles 19: The Giants have had the Eagles’ number of late, and there is no reason to think that Philly has improved enough to catch the New Yorkers. Giants played defensive game of their lives versus Rams. Can they do it two straight weeks? They better. Select them to win by 3 ½.