New WGCE seminar helps displaced workers

Oct 17, 2001 2:33 AM

Ever ready to respond to the changing needs of the casino industry, the 15th annual World Gaming Congress and Expo (WGCE) has created a new, free seminar for laid-off industry workers.

The free seminar, “Bouncing Back From Being Laid Off,” will be presented on Wednesday, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. All casino industry workers are invited to attend free of charge. Pre-registration is not required. Everyone interested in attending can simply go to Room 203 for admission.

The seminar will be facilitated by Shelly Field, a nationally known career consultant, stress management expert and author of over 25 books including Career Opportunities In Casinos and Casino Hotels and The Unofficial Guide To Hot Careers.

“Clearly there is an urgent need to address the needs of the thousands of casino industry workers who have recently lost their jobs,” said Brian Vargas, senior vice president trade shows for GEM Communications, producer of WGCE. “To not act proactively on this crisis would be a disservice to these people and to the industry as a whole.”

Vargas added that seminar is unusual for a trade show because it is essentially a community service. “We are very pleased to offer this ... free of charge, with no gimmicks or workbooks or services to buy. And let me give special thanks to Shelly Field for donating her services for this seminar.”

Field said doing the seminar was a “no brainer.”

“Almost everyone has lost a job at one time or another. The recent events in the nation have affected everyone, with many in the casino industry losing their jobs. This seminar was developed especially for those in the casino industry and will help increase their chances of success.”

The two-hour seminar has a built-in Q&A and will cover the following topics:

— How to create and put into effect a plan of action
— Savvy search and career strategies
— How to market yourself to be a hot commodity
— Specific tips, tricks and techniques for finding a job quickly
— Unique ideas for creating an income flow
— How to deal with challenges specific to laid-off casino workers
— How to deal with finances during a layoff
— How to gain control of situations out of your control
— New strategies so you can rebound quickly
— How to stay positive in a negative world
— How to see things in their proper perspective