DP Stud sets the table with new games

Oct 17, 2001 2:44 AM

In a world where casinos are dominated by high-tech slots, table games are alive and well. Just ask the folks at DP Stud, which recently unveiled a variety of new table games.

“Don’t let anyone fool you, there’s still excitement in the pit,” said DP Stud’s John Piccoli. “I’ve always believed that the magic of a casino is found in its table games, and that’s true now more than ever.”

Piccoli has had an impressive career making “magic.” Twenty years ago, his company introduced Caribbean Stud to Nevada as the first in a new breed of table games.

“Caribbean Stud became a hit because it was simple to play and it had high payoffs and a slot-type meter ”” which satisfied a growing lottery mentality among players,” Piccoli said.

Since then, DP Stud has striven to develop new games that are attractive to players and lucrative for casinos.

“Part of the challenge is to create games that are exciting for the players, while offering multiple decisions to keep the bets on the table,” said Ya Awada, DP Stud’s director of product development. “Often times the task entails taking concepts from slots and video poker and applying them fairly to a table game.”

With more than 20 years experience in Nevada, Awada is well-equipped to create and design casino games. He has worked for other manufacturers before joining DP Stud, and has put in 15 years with the Circus Circus corporation.

“To properly develop a new game, you have to know how to deal and play the games, and we have that experience,” Awada said.

In addition to creating brand new games, DP Stud endeavors to alter or enhance existing games to make them more exciting for players and sometimes easier to play.

One such enhancement is a game called No Commission Bahama Baccarat. “We’ve greatly simplified the rules of draw and eliminated the commission, with the result being a fast-paced, easy to play game of baccarat,” Awada said.

Indeed, the draw rules are simple: A hand of 8 or 9 is a natural; hands of 6 and 7 stand with no third card; and 0-5 hands take a third card. To balance the loss of commission, a hand of 3 is a push.

In addition to the simplified game, No Commission Baccarat features a revolutionary display that shows the bank and player’s hands (which are read from the bar-coded cards), as well as an electronic score card of the last 72 hands that have been dealt.

Among the new games in DP Stud’s stable are 3-Way Action and 3-5-7 Poker.

True to its name, 3-Way-Action gives players three games in one: War, Blackjack and Poker. The game is dealt from a 52-card deck, and players can bet any amount on each betting position.

The first of three bets is played when the player and dealer each receive one card face up ”” high card wins the War!

The player receives a second card and plays the two-card hand as regular blackjack.

Finally, players receive their remaining cards face down for a 5-card poker hand, which is paid off according to the pay table:

Royal Flush 500-1
Straight Flush 100-1
4 of a kind 40-1
Full house 12-1
Flush 9-1
Straight 6-1
3 of a kind 4-1
Two pair 3-1
Pair 6’s plus 1-1

The game of 3-5-7 Poker is an innovative extension of the hot 3-Card Poker game that is sweeping through casinos across the nation. It received rave reviews at the recent G2E show in Las Vegas.

The game is dealt from a 52-card deck, features three poker games in one. After placing bets for at least two of the games, players receive three cards for their 3-card poker hand. At the same time, the dealer receives four cards face down.

After reviewing their hands, players are paid off according to a pay table on the layout. They may also at this time surrender one-half of their last (7-card) bet.

If the player continues, the dealer exposes two cards to form the player’s five-card poker hand. Once again, the player is paid according to a pay table.

Finally, the dealer exposes the last two cards to create the player’s 7-card poker hand, and he is paid off.

“We think these games, as well as newcomers like Pai Gow Plus and High-Low Blackjack, create a new excitement for players,” Awada said. “There are more options to enhance the game, plus the multiple bets give players the action they want.”

Awada points out that creating exciting new games is only half the equation of producing winning products.

“Our pricing is consistent and surprisingly reasonable ”” less than half the cost of other manufacturers in some cases,” he said. “Plus we believe in quality of service, and we’re small enough to provide it one-on-one.”