New table games find spotlight

Oct 17, 2001 2:47 AM

John Huxley, the world’s leading live table gaming equipment manufacturer, renowned for their roulette wheels, will showcase its newest, innovative table game, Rapid Roulette at WGCE. In support of Rapid Roulette’s introduction in North America, John Huxley opened its latest satellite office in Las Vegas last August to support both sales and servicing of the product.

Based on the classic table game, Rapid Roulette is a new and unique product that will lead a revolution in table games. In Rapid Roulett, each player is equipped with Individual Automated Transaction Stations (ATS’s) where players can make bets from the convenience and comfort of their chairs. Working with all the standard rules and excitement of roulette, ATS’s eliminate the pushing, shoving and intimidation that can be associated with a traditional roulette table as players experience the game with the ease and security of a touch screen. Prototype testing is set to proceed in multiple gaming jurisdictions.

“The Rapid Roulett concept is one-of-a-kind, and will change the table game industry forever,” said a spokesperson from John Huxley. “We specifically chose to show this incredible product at the World Gaming Congress because it is a truly international gaming trade show with a great attendance from a wide variety of countries and markets. We have had much success in past years with the World Gaming Congress, and we see no reason not to continue that tradition of excellence and success this year.”

Bill Newman, president and CEO of GEM Communications said, “We are delighted to welcome John Huxley and Rapid Roulette to the World Gaming Congress. For years, innovative companies like John Huxley have planned their product launches around WGCE.”

Triple Action

A specialty table game that combines war, blackjack and poker has begun a field trial at Treasure Island.

“Triple Shot” finished first in a 10-game focus group comparison at Boulder Station, receiving the only perfect score. Now Strip players can try their hand during the game’s 90-day test trial.

Betting sequentially, players are dealt hands for war and blackjack. Then they play six-card stud against the pay table. The game is already running in a half-dozen states and in South America. Louisiana and New Jersey are also running field trials.

Roger Snow, table games product manager for Shuffle Master, said casinos like the fast-paced game because it pushes “$5 bettors to become $15 bettors.’’

“You can lose the first two hands and still win at poker and cut your losses or come out ahead. You’re never out of it,’’ he said. “It’s a fun little game for a party pit.’’

The house advantage is listed at 2.7 percent on war, 1 percent on 21 and 1.5 percent on poker.