SCA Promotions take the risk out of sweepstakes

Oct 17, 2001 2:48 AM

Risk and reward: Often times, you can’t have one without the other. But, the trick is to minimize your risk while rewarding your customers. And that’s where SCA Promotions comes in.

SCA Promotions specializes in underwriting prize coverage services and creative solutions to eliminate risk in contests, games and other promotional programs that include sports contests, gaming promotions, retail contests, brand marketing programs and media promotions.

SCA is no stranger to Nevada casinos. Its millionaire keno program is popular with casino players in the Silver State. In fact, the largest keno jackpot in America was awarded by SCA to a player at the Pioneer Inn in Reno. The prize was part of SCA’s $1 million 10-sport keno program, which features a $1 million cash prize for a $1 wager.

The Pioneer Inn’s winner was a 67-year-old postal worker who purchased a five-game quick pick 10-spot ticket for $5. When the ticket expired, he renewed the same 10 numbers for another five games. On the third game of that series, he hit all 10 numbers and won $1 million instantly.

The 10-spot keno program has become popular with casinos because it’s easy to implement and has a low cost. The casino pays a small fee to SCA for jackpot coverage and, in the event of a winner, SCA pays $950,000 along with a $50,000 payment made by the casino.

Another popular promotion is the $1 million check cashing pull, in which patrons who cash their check at the casino get one free pull on a slot machine (or one hand on a video poker machine) for a shot at $1 million. The free pull is also used as an incentive to get people to sign up for a casino’s slot club.

SCA Promotions have also become popular with race and sports book directors who want to attract customers with high-stakes contests, Pick Six’s, parlay cards or other propositions.

Among the ways SCA has helped create sports betting interest are offering a $1 million bonus for hitting 20 teams on a parlay card, racking up a perfect Pick 8, turning a hat trick in hockey, scoring a four-point play in basketball, or running an opening kickoff for a touchdown.

In Colorado, SCA combined sports ”” the Super Bowl ”” and the casino to create a popular contest. Here’s how it worked: The Colorado Gaming & Entertainment Company offered a $1 million cash prize (which SCA guaranteed) contingent on the Denver Broncos winning the Super Bowl.

To qualify players were automatically entered into the contest by joining the casino’s Five Star Club, drawing a suited blackjack or three-of-a-kind in live poker, or hitting a hand-paid jackpot. Immediately upon the Broncos’ win, a single name was drawn from a pool of more than 100,000 entries, and SCA delivered a million-dollar check to the lucky player on behalf of Colorado Gaming & Entertainment.

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