Stars to come out in benefit performance

Oct 23, 2001 2:30 AM

Benefits for a worthy cause are, well, beneficial. But sometimes you have to read between the lines. Or maybe even move the line.

Paige O’Hara along with Michael Flatley’s entire troupe from Lord of the Dance has been added to the roster for Wayne Newton’s USO Benefit scheduled for November 11. My spies and the rumor mill are talking about Danny Gans, who is one of our main stars. Rumors have it Danny may not be stepping up to the plate. Word is he feels “slightly superior” to others on the bill. Let’s hope those rumors aren’t true.

The Las Vegas community is truly unique. You might be living next door to a star, a bartender, or a bellhop. Maybe we should be thinking more about our local citizens. Although business is picking up, Desert Passage merchants at the Aladdin are not paying their rents, and facing bankrupt conditions.

We should try to keep the money and jobs within our own community, and help those folks trying to pay their own mortgage, rent, necessities. This columnist feels we must remember all those who have been affected by the September 11 tragedy, including many indirectly affected here. Remember, charity begins at home.

Will wonders never cease? Seems that Lance Burton will be getting together with none other than Tony Curtis. It’s hard to imagine what this magical match-up could entail. It could be an eclectic blend of Some Like It Hot meets Houdini.

Now for an extraordinary evening in my life, I went to the opening of the Burgundy Room at the Lady Luck. It was an incredible evening despite the presence of the usual press hangers-on, an incredible menu, going back to the old Las Vegas. For those folks looking for an exceptional evening, treat yourself to this first class dining room.

By the way, in keeping with our newest theme, supporting the local economy, don’t forget to check out the Corner Stage Lounge and Stars of the Strip featuring Robbie Howard and the Walkers at the Lady Luck. Make a night of it.

Also while downtown, check out the Amazing Johnathan at the Golden Nugget.

Over at the Sahara, Steve Wyrick is not ready to return. He’s still healing.

One of my favorite new restaurants is the ESPN Zone at New York-New York. The Zone treated me to a superb dinner party, welcoming me to New York-New York as Monti Rock’s first annual Fantasy Halloween Ball. Put this one on your calendar for October 31, real trick or treats. This will be a very elegant, decadent, classic evening with many friends in from Paris and Nice, France. Friends are actually flying in from Paris just for this event.

Soon the Arza Center, located at 440 East Washington Avenue, will be finished and will include a stadium like center, multi-screen movie theater, bowling alley, arcades, restaurants, shops and offices. Even a state of the art retirement and assisted living center, Villa Tuscany. Maybe I should apply now.

The Palms hotel and casino is almost ready. The McGuire Sisters are warming up for the inaugural show. Their familiar sound is better than ever, and they are beautiful and absolutely elegant. We should all be so lucky when we hit ancient.

The Emmy awards back on, in case you care. Scheduled this time for November 4 in Los Angeles. Any more delays, they should just call Fed-X.

Tim McGraw will host the 2001 Billboard Awards at the MGM Grand on December 4.

A premier property in Las Vegas under a tent show? Could it be? Reliable sources tell this columnist a tent will appear behind the Bellagio from November 21 to January 6. A circus big top. Will all the hotels be putting up tents? Here’s the skinny: From the creators of Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and “Mystere” comes Cheval, a magical horse show. And you can’t even bet! More to come.

As Las Vegas business continues to return, with some hotels realigning their shows and restructuring their casts, we all can find hope in the optimism this town has always offered. This columnist will go to as many events as possible with a renewed vengeance of hope.