Art Garfunkel at The Orleans

Oct 23, 2001 2:32 AM

Grammy winner Art Garfunkel will perform in the Orleans Showroom Friday through Sunday at 7 p.m. Tickets priced at $39.95, $49.95 and $59.95 (plus tax) are available by calling (702) 365-7075.

Although it has been 30 years since “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was recorded, Art Garfunkel’s image and signature vocals remain among the most instantly re-cognizable in popular music. Art performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water” on Memorial Day during a live broadcast with an audience of 300,000 and an estimated 10 million people watching on PBS.

The dialogue began for Art at age four, when his father brought home one of the first wire recorders. Seven years later he was singing Everly Brothers songs at a school talent shows with a partner, Paul Simon, from his Forest Hills neighborhood in Queens, New York. In 1957, “Tom and Jerry” (as they were then called) landed a recording contract. Their first 45, “Hey Schoolgirl” scored a moderate hit and they appeared on American Bandstand as high school seniors.

An impressive body of songs followed, many of which became pop standards, among them: “The Sound of Silence,” “Homeward Bound,” “I Am a Rock,” “Kathy’s Song,” “April Come She Will,” “Scarborough Fair/Canticle,” “Mrs. Robinson,” and “El Condor Pass,” Simon & Garfunkel won five Grammy awards together.

The late 80s brought two new challenges for Art. He published “Still Water,” a collection of poetry in ’89 and he began an amazing trek across America ”” on foot. Walking across the United States in 40 installments. Art wanted to slow down and see the country.

This year marks Art Garfunkel’s 28th anniversary as a solo artist, having released his solo debut album Angel Clare in 1973.