Arizona Charlie’s launches new rewards program

Oct 23, 2001 3:14 AM

Arizona Charlie’s East and West will launch Triple Cash Back, a new player reward program, on October 13. The program rewards new Charlie Reward members with Triple Cash Back for the first three weeks after they sign up, announced casino officials.

The new Charlie Rewards Program, which launched August 20 at both Arizona Charlie’s East & West has increased the level of rewards earned by players for their casino play as well as added exciting new ways to redeem those earned rewards such as same day cash back. New players must earn at least 2,500 Reward Points within the first three weeks of joining the club to qualify for the minimum $5 Cash Bonus. For every 500 Reward Points earned thereafter within that first three weeks, players receive $1 in free Bonus Cash.

“Along with our new and exciting loyalty rewards program, which includes an aggressive point earnings schedule for casino play and same day cash back, we have decided to go one step further,” said Mark Majetich, vice president and general manager of Arizona Charlie’s East. “New players that join our Charlie Rewards Card Program, after October 13, will receive triple cash back-free. Triple cash back is just another added benefit that our players get besides the generous point redemption options already in place,” Majetich said. “Our goal is to have one of the most popular, locals-friendly players’ clubs in town. We already offer as much as five Bonus Reward Points for every dollar played on our liberal slot and video poker machines,” he added.

Arizona Charlie’s has increased the number of Reward Points players can earn for every dollar put through the majority of slot and video poker machines in the casino ”” differing from the vast majority of local casino players club offerings. Instead of earning one point for every dollar played, most machines will accrue 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x points for every dollar played on a daily basis, 24-hours a day.

“I think the program is not only unique, but superior to those other slot clubs out there that only offer T-shirts and buffet comps for new sign-ups. We’re going the extra mile,” said Ron Lurie, executive vice president and general manager of Arizona Charlie’s West. “What could be better than giving new customers free bonus cash in the first three weeks, up to $100,” he added.

Both Arizona Charlie’s properties have made these benefit enhancements to maintain their positions as the local’s favorite, offering Las Vegas’ best gaming and dining values.

For full promotional details, visit the Charlie Rewards Center at either Arizona Charlie’s East or West.

Carl Icahn is the principal owner of Arizona Charlie’s East and West.