No-shows cancel some panels

Oct 23, 2001 3:38 AM

Imagine heading to a seminar and the speakers didn’t show. Well, it happened.

The scheduled Generation X discussion at the 15th World Gaming Congress Expo was called on account of fear ”” of flying.

“It’s one of those things that regrettably just happened,” a worker at the Expo said. “Apparently, there was a lot of apprehension at flying out here.”

That wouldn’t have been so bad had someone been notified. Word finally came after nearly a 20-minute wait.

Cancelled meetings were just part of the overall slowdown at the Expo as attendance seemed down and helpers saw their work time and pay reduced.

However, the Expo reported the three-day event as a success, citing 18,000 attendees visiting 490 exhibitors. In addition, dozens of tribes from the world of Indian gaming attended and more than 90 countries were represented.

“World Gaming Congress is the largest, most respected gaming trade in the world, and therefore the most beneficial to exhibitors and attendees,” said Brian Vargas, senior vice president for GEM Communications.

Not all people shared the Vargas report.

“I started with 36 hours, then 33 and finally 28,” said Dwayne Broadwater, who works for Remedy Agency. “My company keeps me pretty busy, but there just wasn’t that much to do. They told me not to even work Friday. It’s just the general state of affairs. People are afraid to fly. There’s plenty of space everywhere.”

Broadwater said he hoped to make $250 working the Expo, but said his payment wouldn’t approach that figure.

“I heard they were having those seminars on people needing to make extra money,” he said. “I would like to have gone, but I had to work. How ironic.”

Liz Glaser, who works for the Stress Relief Center at Machine Brokers Inc., said that Americans need to understand the ways of the world.

“America has never been hit by terrorism before so people don’t know how to act,” she said. “We just need to go on and deal with our lives. The future will take care of itself. We shouldn’t fear it. Come by and visit our office. We can make you relax.”

Next year’s Gaming Expo will be held Oct. 22-24 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.