NJ charges Internet books

Oct 23, 2001 6:44 AM

At this time of year, what with the NFL at full swing and the baseball playoffs underway, sports bettors in various parts of the country have been more tempted to call their favorite illegal bookmaker or their Caribbean Internet bookie to place their bets.

But, Internet betting is illegal in New Jersey and the state’s law enforcement authorities have decided to pursue violators.

In a very short time, investigators have bagged eight betting sites but because of their location it wasn’t possible to haul them off to the hoosegow. So, they were served with complaints.

More importantly, however, their telephone-service providers, including World Com, Pacific Bell and Sprint, were asked to cancel the services they were providing to these outlets.

Said a spokesman, “When a federal law enforcement official informs a telephone carrier that the service is being used for an illegal activity, that law enforcement official can demand that the telephone carrier cease and desist immediately. Sportsbook wagering is also unequivocally a violation of federal law.”

Reportedly, the law enforcement officials took the names of Internet sites from a billboard ad, from newspaper advertisements, and even from a mailer that ended up in the post office box of the state’s attorney general.