Custer would stand better chance against underdogs

Oct 23, 2001 7:19 AM

General Custer didn’t expect to see so many Indians at the Little Big Horn. I’m sure he wondered  how he could have been trapped so unexpectedly.

Where did all those dogs come from? After three weeks ofunder performance, the dogs went on an 11-1 run, with nine puppies winning the games straight up!  How was I supposed to see them coming?

One that calls himself Denny The Dog should have probably relied on blind faith! The dogs are back with a barking bang!  Now it’s time for me to join the ranks.

Here are three best bets on the board.

Saints +2
Pats +8
Dolphins —2½

Colts -3 over CHIEFS: I don’t know who should be more embarrassed? The Chiefs have only won one game and lost to the punchless Skins after blowing a 14 point lead. The Colts are mired at the bottom of the division when they were supposed to be one of the league’s powerhouses. The Colts appear very soft but this is a small number for a team with many weapons.

RAVENS  —8  over  Jaguars: The bye week was not kind to the Jags. Bills pushed them around for a third straight loss. Now Brunell has to lead his team into Baltimore, where the Ravens are starving for a win after back-to-back losses at Green Bay and Cleveland.

Vikings +3 over BUCS: Vikes offense starting to show signs of life. Daunte Culpepper coming off great game versus Pack. He may give Warren Sapp and company something to think about. No confidence in Tampa Bay’s offense.

LIONS —1½ over  Bengals: Kitna’s star showing signs of burning out. Offensive line and Corey Dillon beginning to struggle. Good spot for Lions to win number one. Charlie Batch is making the fans wonder why Ty Detmer was ever the starting QB.

BEARS  —2 over  49ers: Both teams 4-1 and gutsy. Niners doing it mostly with a young Jeff Garcia who never seems to give up. Da Bears doing it with Da defense. Don’t look now, but the Monsters are climbing feverishly up the Midway. Jim Miller underrated and now has help from rookie Anthony Thomas, who ran for over 180 yards on Cincy. Brian Urlacher stirring up memories of Dick Butkus!

Saints +12 over RAMS: The Rams are the only undefeated team left on the board. Even without Faulk they look like the best the league has to offer. They’ve won half their games by more than this number but not against teams as tough as New Orleans. Saints similar to G-Men and Rams beat N.Y. by single digit. Saints have not lost by more than eight points this season. Giving 12 is too many!

PANTHERS +2 ½ over Jets: Possible chinks in Vinny’s armor. Testaverde threw first interception of the season and Curtis Martin held well under 100 yards. Panthers hungry for second victory of the season and first one in front of the home town folks. Came very close to wins the last two weeks.

Cards +2 over COWBOYS: Dallas coming off week of rest. I think it will take more than one week to restore this ailing franchise. Cards defense is playing solid.   Michael Pittman has begun to take some of the heat off Plummer. And, Jake has shown signs of the old snake winning two of the last three games.

Raiders +1 over  EAGLES: Bye week came at crucial time for Oakland. Offensive line received some needed rest for nagging injuries. Feeling is that Raiders will overcome Tyrone Wheatley’s injury also. Eagles best running back is still McNabb.

Patriots +8 over BRONCOS: Still no respect for the Pats!  I have to give Tom Brady his due respect. This guy has given the Pats some punch at QB. Broncos may be wondering if they’re really as good as everyone thinks.

CHARGERS —8 over Bills: The Bills snuck up on the Jags last week. No way of that happenng here. The Bolts GM used to work in Buffalo. Butler knows who’s coming to town. It’s Rob Johnson, a QB that the Chargers can harass all day long.

Dolphins —2½ over SEAHAWKS:  Seattle has not been beaten withTrent Dilfer at QB.  So what is Holmgren trying to do by saying that Matt Hasselbeck is the Seahawks starting QB? I think he’s trying to mess with Seattle’s two-game winning streak.

SKINS +10 over Giants: Skins aren’t getting much respect and I can understand why.  But as ugly as they’ve looked though, Skins have managed to win the money two straight weeks. Home dogs did win the money six out of seven times last week?

STEELERS  —3 over Titans: Nothing but respect for The Chin. Every year it seems like they lose players but Bill Cowher finds a way to put the team back together.  There doesn’t appear to be any better defense around the league. And what other team runs the ball any better?