A different kind of video poker

Oct 30, 2001 2:52 AM

It was about 6 years ago that I received a very important wake-up call. It wasn’t the kind where the phone rings to awaken you out of a deep sleep, or someone shouts across the room to let you know you’re 15 minutes late ”” but the type when that little voice in the back of your mind alerts you about something being completely out of whack. While all of us have these information transfers, many times we’re more comfortable just letting them pass rather than allowing them to cause any sort of change. And almost always, if we choose the path of least resistance, we choose wrong.

In my particular case the message was about video poker, and at the time I knew of only one way to play the game ”” exactly as the experts taught me through their books, columns, strategy cards and classes. I became obsessed with the fact that these folks said how they beat the casinos at will, and I studied and learned all I could on how to follow that strategy. Although 99% of all players really don’t get involved in the game’s statistics, with my ability and background I believed I was in an elite group which made me think I could not only rake in untold profits, but get everything else the casinos had to offer for free as well. Thank God for that wake-up call.

Whenever I heard one of the experts claim something phenomenal, I opened both ears. I’ve since come to understand that any of these people who say they are pros do so only because they have the same understanding most of us do about the mathematics of the game, and not because they derive the main portion of their income from playing it. Simply put, they are all in some type of video poker paraphernalia sales business. I could hardly fault them for trying to make a living, but video poker pros?

I chose to learn a type of video poker where I could go home with a profit nearly every time I played. You’ll never hear me say there’s only one correct way to play each hand, because there’s no truth in that. Anything can happen at any time, and we all know that to be true beyond any doubt. These experts like to argue this point by comparing the flip of a coin to playing video poker. Each flip has a 50% chance of winning, and you can rightfully expect your choice to win on every flip. Not so in video poker. If dealt 2-2-5-5-9 in DDB poker and you go for the full house, you can try your entire lifetime and you may reasonably not expect to ever see a 2 or 5 appear on the draw. Why? Because each hand is a separate opportunity, and just because mathematics says something should happen every so often, only a fool would continually bet on it when chances are nowhere near 50%. In The Singer Play Strategy however, since four 2’s with or without the kicker is such a powerful hand, there are times when holding the 2’s is the only sensible play to make.

If we were capable of playing a billion hands without fault, the experts might have a case. But they sell their theories and models based on infinite play, and the regular player hasn’t a chance in the world of experiencing success using that system without uncanny luck. It’s something we all know and they all know, but we will never hear those words from their mouths as long as sales depends on keeping it zipped. This is the reason I am here.

At the same time we have personalities who’ve been claiming to get extraordinary comps from anywhere they choose. I’m perplexed at the naïve way the playing public takes this all in ”” and how the media eats it up like it’s easier than having lunch. No one loses more than the player who tries to impress us with all the freebees they’ve been able to accumulate, all the cash back they boast about being paid, or brags about how very special they are to an array of casinos. The only intelligent way to digest this is that anyone ”” and I don’t care how famous they are or have made you believe they are ”” who receives so many comps that it makes your head spin, you can be 100 percent sure those people have a very serious drain on their bank accounts. It is the undeniable epitaph of a true compulsive gambler. If you disagree with this then you yourself have a similar problem. Enough said.

I wrote my book Undeniable Truth to give the majority of those who play video poker a fighting chance. In order to win a player must know the truth. They must know which path is correct and which one isn’t. And finally, they must choose which kind of video poker they want to play ”” that which is highly marketed or the one that will allow them to win. I made this important choice six years ago, and as Jim Carrey said in one of his famous early movies ”¦ SOMEBODY STOP ME!