Give Holmgren shock therapy for ruining Seahawks

Oct 30, 2001 5:47 AM

Mike Holmgren must be in need of electroshock therapy. That’s the only solution I see for what appeared to be an insane decision in the final seconds of the Seahawks defeat last Sunday.

With Seattle trailing by four points, Holmgren had an opportunity to give his team a chance to beat the Dolphins by throwing one last pass into the end zone from about the 20 yard-line. Instead, he opted to attempt a field goal.

The logic I suppose was that Seattle could get the ball back in two minutes and kick another field goal to win the game. The Seahawks didn’t even make the first field goal. Shame on Holmgren for not giving his team a chance to win when they deserved better coaching.

If you don’t give Holmgren electroshock you have to at least give their fans and anyone who bet the Dolphins a strong shot of Thorazine. The fans were upset they didn’t get a chance to win and the Dolphins backers (myself included) thought that Holmgren’s stupid decision was going to cost them money.

The dogs weren’t as powerful as they were a week ago but they did manage an 8-5 mark against the spread. The underdogs have come out on top two weeks in a row now. Dogs rule! Here are three picks that will leave treats for the believers and tricks for the bookies.

Patriots +3½
Browns +5
Seahawks —2½

TITANS (—3) over Jags: Brunell playing well. But he’s being asked to carry the whole load on offense. That’s not going to work on the road, playing in front of desperate team not to mention the rabid fans.

STEELERS (—2) over Ravens: Believe it or not, the Steelers are the more dominating defense right now. Ravens lucky to squeeze by Jags. Bettis had four straight 100-yard bus routes going into last Monday night’s contest with the ­­Titans.

DOLPHINS (—8½) over Panthers: Have to give the Panthers credit after covering spread against Jets. But Carolina is banged up bad on both sides of the ball. I don’t see how this team can continue to compete against the stronger forces in the league.

Cowboys (+11) over NY  GIANTS: Clint Stoerner not real impressive in his Dallas debut but he did the job. Both teams limping at running back. Pretty big number to cover for a team that has lost three straight. Better concentrate on winning the game before they worry about covering the spread.

Pats (+3½) over FALCONS: I’m not jumping off the Brady bandwagon after one bad quarter. Brady hadn’t thrown an interception in 163 attempts and then threw four in the fourth quarter at Denver. Brady looks like a keeper.o me.

PACKERS (—3) over Bucs: I guess the paper champs quote irked the Bucs so they took out their frustration on Vikes. Bucs have to win more consistently before I’m sold. Bucs beat Pack by 4 at Tampa Bay but score will be reversed here.

Browns (+5) over BEARS:  Oddmakers have finally taken notice of Anthony Thomas and David Terrell stepping up. Great D will keep this game within four points.

CARDS (+6½) over Eagles: The Eagles have the better team. But Cards gained confidence over Philly a few weeks ago coming back to win, 21-20. Eagles may struggle to run ball more than Cards.

49ERS (—9) over Lions: Niners still smarting after blowing big lead in Chicago. Lions more like pussycats with no threat of any rushing attack.

BILLS (+5) over Colts: Rob Johnson hung with Flutie until the very end. Bills are a gutsy bunch despite their 0-4 start. Colts need to be careful or they’ll be beat up by a more physical team again!

CHARGERS (—6) over Chiefs: Dick Vermeil has to be thinking why did I get back into this NFL thing? Trent Green really looked foggy at his own field versus Indy.

Seahawks (—2½) over SKINS:  Holmgren, fresh off his therapy, should be in a better frame of mind.

Jets (+6½ over SAINTS): Jets always good for a battle to the death. Should have more respect than this line would lead you to believe.

Broncos (+5) over RAIDERS: Denver might not be the team they used to be. But they still have the ability to rise up. History tells me to take the points.