NCAA targets events at casinos

Oct 30, 2001 7:04 AM

In its never-ending vendetta against legalized sports betting, the NCAA’s Management Council last week approved a proposal that would prohibit certification of sporting events at venues that offer wagering on college sports.

The NCAA’s board of directors will review and most likely vote on the proposal at their Thursday meeting in Indianapolis.

Although the measure does not mention Nevada by name, it implicitly targets the state’s casinos, which in the past have sometimes hosted NCAA basketball tournaments.

“The measure is designed to provide criteria that currently do not exist,” NCAA spokesperson Jane Jankowski told GamingToday on Friday. She added that the bylaw change reflects the NCAA’s ongoing opposition to all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering.”

The issue arose this past summer when it was announced that Paris Las Vegas would host three NCAA-certified basketball tournaments in November and December.

Jankowski said that member schools may not participate in any tournament unless it is certified. But since the venue was subsequently changed to Valley High School in Las Vegas, she said there was no way to gauge whether the tournaments would have remained certified (under a grandfather clause) should the NCAA board approve the bylaw change.

“It became a moot point when they changed the venue,” she said.

The bylaw change would also apply to summer basketball leagues seeking NCAA certification and other athletic events that seek participation of member schools.

Officials at UNLV, which often hosts NCAA tournaments, were unavailable for comment on Friday.