Dog-gone Hail Mary leaves brown stain on our week

Nov 6, 2001 3:46 AM

If I had invested in a turkey farm this year I’m sure they would have cancelled Thanksgiving by now. You might say I feel a bit unlucky.

The Browns were up by 14 points over the Bears with two minutes left in the game. The Bears promptly started their magic act (complete with Hail Mary end-zone pass) and scored two TDs in the last 30 seconds of the game.

Then Chicago wins the game by 6 (not the normal 3-point field goal) with an intercepted pass in OT.

It was at that point that everyone throughout the country counted their blessings that Denny The Dog had not sunk any money into a turkey farm. 

Here are this week’s picks.

COLTS —3 over Dolphins: Colts doing their best to eliminate the soft D image. Sacked Johnson six times and created three turnovers last week. Don’t miss a beat if Dominic Rhodes replaces The Edge. Whatever happened to Lamar Smith?

PATS —6 over Bills: Rob Johnson takes a licking and keeps on ticking. But those Timex parts don’t last forever, do they? Tom Brady bounced back from the four fourth quarter picks in Denver to rout the Falcons. Brady is back and so is Antowain Smith, who rushed for 117 yards.

Panthers +16 over RAMS: The Rams have to take this game lightly, don’t they? My other hunch is Siefert’s troops will rally behind a team decimated with injuries. Too many points for a dog lover to lay!

Cowboys +5 over FALCONS: Neither team has a solid healthy QB. No line at press time. But I have to go with the Cowboys D which didn’t give up a TD for 10 straight quarters before the flood gates opened up in New York.

Bucs —5 over LIONS: Detroit can’t go the entire season without a win, can they? Would love to say this is a great home dog but I can’t. QB and head coach are feuding. On top of that, the Lions can’t run the ball at all. Bucs defense is starting to play tough, even though they’re banged up a bit.

Packers —2½ over BEARS: How can I bet against this magic act? The Yankees proved that every magic act must end at some point. Brett Favre and his receivers move under the big top this Sunday. Pack was slowing on the ground but ­­Ahman Green ran for over 160 yards versus tough Bucs D.

Chiefs +8 over JETS: The Jets have only won one home game. They’re strictly a road team. Chiefs have the fourth rated offense in the league and have really moved the ball well all season long. KC just needs to address its red zone failures, which turned around in the upset of Chargers.

BROWNS +2 over Steelers: Kordell Stewart and Tim Couch are definitely new QBs this season. Both teams are coming off losses that should have been wins. Steelers may have a new place-kicker by the time you read this piece. Chris Brown missed 4-of-5 attempts versus Ravens.

Bengals +5 over JAGUARS: The Jags haven’t been able to replace Fred Taylor. Brunell is trying to run the whole show via the air. Kitna has some quality help in the backfield with Corey Dillon.

Bengals defense has shown promising signs at times. If they step it up this week they’ll get the upset.

BRONCOS —6 over Chargers: Drew Brees may be further along in his development than expected. But he’s not ready for the high country yet. Flutie is still woozy. Tomlinson has slowed down and begun to realize he’s just a rookie.

Vikings +6 over EAGLES: Ok, Philly covered a TD spread against Arizona. But the Eagles are just 2-2 in last four contests. And the other win came by a single digit. Eagles don’t have enough offense to lay this number.

Saints +4 over 49ERS: The Saints playing well on the road lately. Need this one to get even with Niners in the NFC West.

Giants —5 over CARDS: One of the Cards linebackers arrested for DUI last week. The entire Cards team playing like they’ve had too much to drink over the last two weeks.

SEAHAWKS +8 over Raiders: Seattle hasn’t been right since their bye week. Played pretty tough against Fish and then totally out to lunch in Washington. Time to get it together right here. Too many points for divisional rivalry.

TITANS +2 over Ravens: Titans showed some true grit with win over Jags. Eddie George a little better but not much. Titans need to win with Cunningham filling in at QB  for the Ravens.