Long prison stretch for Detroit dice scam

Nov 6, 2001 5:34 AM

Years ago, when street bookmakers were locked in to race post times published in the “Armstrong,” it was not unusual for some nefarious bettor to attempt to “past post” the bookie. In other words, the player would try to get a bet down after the race was run and he already new the result.

The term “past posting” has been carried forward to casinos and usually applies to players attempting to increase their bets after the result of the dice throw or hand is known.

A New Jersey guy recently picked the wrong place to attempt such a strategy. He tried to scam the three Detroit casinos by bumping his bets on craps after the dice had been rolled. Actually, he had won an estimated $86,000 at Greektown before he was nabbed.

Prosecutors said they had evidence from all three properties but elected to use the Greektown experience in the trial.

What the New Jersey invader may not have been aware of was that Michigan law is very strict on casino cheating. And with prior convictions in Nevada, New Jersey and Florida, the perpetrator found no sympathy with the judge.

“Brent Morris,” the judge said, “you are sentenced to seven to 25 years in prison.”

Although it may not have covered all that it lost to the cheater, Greektown was awarded $34,000 of the money found on Morris when he was arrested. Additionally, Greektown and the other two Detroit casinos are guaranteed that they won’t have to deal with the likes of Morris for a long time.