Glenn Ludwig captures Wildhorse poker Round-up

Apr 25, 2011 6:21 PM

When the Seniors event of the Wildhorse Spring Poker Round-Up got down to three players, the chips began to move back and forth wildly. Finally, with Glenn Ludwig holding a big lead, the players decided to call it a night, chop the remaining prize pool of $19,342 evenly, and let Ludwig take the silver bracelet trophy and Aruba cruise.

Denice Seebart took second place while Bob Wiley officially clocked in third. The win was the biggest ever for Ludwig, a 59-year-old retired longshoreman from Aberdeen.

He prefers Omaha high-low for his cash games, anything for tournament action, and described his style as "patient."

In the event, $5 was taken out of each entry fee, with the proceeds going to a charity trust fund, one of several charities the Wildhorse supports. Another is called "Friends in Need." Wildhorse sells little stick dolls, and the money is put into a fund to help employees stricken with personal crises such as family illness, etc.

This event drew 200 seniors with a prize pool of $43,400. We reached the final table of nine when blinds were 6,000-12,000 with 1,500 antes and 529 remaining at that level. Ludwig arrived well in front with about 500,000 of the two million chips in play.

The Seniors WCOP will be played at the WSOP on June 17-19 with a $1,000 buy-in. Entrants must be age 50 and up on or before Jan. 1, 2012.

The Super Seniors will be played June 18-19 at Caesars Palace. If you played in the WCOP and WSOP, you can still get to play in The Super Seniors on Sunday, June 19.

OKJ Tip of the Week:

When you are playing in a Seniors Poker Tournament, it is OK to take a nap because we do not take breaks. We just take naps and senior moments.

I have arranged for the Seniors to have some bathroom chips, so you can go anytime and they will just use your bathroom chips for your blinds while you are gone!

Remember to Stay Lucky!!

Note: Max Shapiro contributed to this column.

Wildhorse Spring Poker Round-up

$200 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em

Entrants: 200 • Prize Pool: $43,400

Final Table Results:

1. Glenn Ludwig $8,221 – Aberdeen, WA

2. Denice Seebart $6,361 – John Day, OR

3. Bob Wiley $4,805 – East Wenatchee, WA

4. "No-Chop Rob" $4,009 – Tacoma, WA

5. Vince Burgio $3,207 – West Hills, CA

6. Charles Moore $2,800 – Las Vegas, NV

7. Kevin Richardson $2,405 – Lynwood, WA

8. Rick Larson $2,004 – Port Orchard, OR

9. Robert Geier $1,603 – Nampa, ID

Seniors Ends in Three-Way Chop Deal

With Glenn Ludwig Getting the Win