Bad News Bears

Nov 6, 2001 9:06 AM

The Chicago Bears are turning into the New York Yankees of the NFL with their last second heroics and breaking many “dog lover” hearts in the bargain.

I don’t know if the Bears are for real, however you can’t say they don’t have heart. The NFL season gets more interesting every week.

Sunday, Nov. 11

Colts 27, Dolphins 19: The Colts can move the ball on any NFL defense, however every team can score on them. Indy is more dangerous now that Edgerrin James is back in the lineup. Take Colts (—4).

Patriots 27, Bills 13: The Bills have fallen on hard times and it looks like it will continue. Patriots most dangerous with Tom Brady at QB. Should give Bills all kinds of trouble. Take Pats (—5).

Rams 31, Panthers 6: The Panthers offense has disappeared. Did they have an offense? Rams coming off a bye week giving many of their players time to heal. Panthers also have many injuries. The Rams with heavy odds is a mountain not impossible to climb. Take Rams (—17).

Cowboys 20, Falcons 17: The Cowboys not the soft touch of the early season, playing with purpose and some offense. Falcons are in and out and not a lock here. Take Dallas (+6½).

Bucs 24, Lions 13: The Lions have to be down with their seven consecutive losses. Some have been heart-wrenching, others lack of talent. Tough selection here. Take Bucs (—4).

Bears 31, Packers 27: Battle for top spot in NFC Central brings two old rivals together in what should be a high scoring game. Bears are living dangerously, however they are getting away with it. Feeling is Bears get behind by two touchdowns only to come back and win going away. Take Bears (+3).

Jets 27, Chiefs 16: The Jets are a bad team at home, good on the road. NY has had good luck in the past with its old AFL rival. Chiefs offense is very good, however Jets can hold them while they are putting points on the board. Take Jets (—4).

Steelers 20, Browns 10: Can’t see Cleveland coming back from that heart-breaking loss against the Bears. Steelers pushed Ravens all over the field only to suffer a loss because their placekicker missed four field goals. That won’t come into play here. Take Steelers (—3).

Bengals 24, Jaguars 20: The Jaguars are having their problems winning and will have more with Cincy, a much improved team since the first meeting. Bengals rushing game comes to the front and gives them a win. Take Bengals (+5).

Broncos 26, Chargers 16: The Broncos are coming off Monday nighter. Last outing, Chiefs hammered them although they came from 19 down to make a game of it. Take Broncos (—7).

Vikings 27, Eagles 20: The Vikings seemed to be in disarray when playing Tampa Bay. The feeling is this team will put that behind and settle down to the business of playing football. Eagles have been hot and cold. They were hot against Phoenix. Time for the cold. Take Vikings (+6½)

Niners 24, Saints 22: Talk about a team hot and cold. The Saints personify that. Niners are a high-scoring machine and are double tough at home. Saints could be suffering from the hard-hitting affair with Jets. Take Niners (—3).

Giants 20, Cardinals 13: The Giants had all sorts of problems with Dallas. More of the same will be on tap here. Cowboys gave Giants all they could handle. Offense must improve. Take Giants (—5½).

Raiders 23, Seahawks 13: Raider fans have to be wary here. This is the kind of game where Oakland just doesn’t show up. It’s a division game to boot. Seahawks should be playing hard. Raiders could have a letdown after the Denver game, but still like them. Take Raiders (—6½).

Ravens 20, Titans 16: Both teams came away with lucky wins last week. Ravens may have momentum for a few more victories. The offense went south last year, while the defense saved the day. However, the D has been struggling this year. Titans offense is no bargain. A low scoring game is projected. Take Ravens (—2).