Rams still NFL’s dominant team, but watch 49ers

Nov 13, 2001 9:31 AM

The NFL season goes merrily along with the St. Louis Rams leading the pack. San Francisco is not far behind.

Sunday, Nov. 18
Saints 31, Colts 26
: The Indianapolis defense went south against Miami. No chance for improvement here. Offense is great, but can’t overcome defensive deficiency. Take Saints (—3½).

Dolphins 27, Jets 20: The Jets run of success against Miami, along with their four-game winning streak, comes to an end. Take Miami (—5½).

Eagles 24, Cowboys 13: Dallas is playing with a lot of spirit, however talent is young and a year or two away from being top notch. Eagles stay on the right path to the top of the NFC East until the rematch with the Giants. Take Eagles (—8).

49ers 29, Panthers 10: The Panthers are injury-riddled and finding it hard to field a team that can play four quarters. QB Chris Weinke may this affair. Take Âí­Niners (—7).

Bills 20, Seahawks 19: The Seahawks head into the cold of Buffalo and will have trouble staying competitive here. The Bills finally put it together for a victory. Take Bills (+3).

Titans 27, Bengals 17: The Bengals stayed close to Jacksonville before falling apart in the second half. Cincy may be running out of gas. Take Titans (—2½).

Packers 34, Falcons 17: Making Falcons play in Green Bay in November is like sending someone from Florida to Siberia. Same freezing results. The Pack is fresh from whipping Bears. Falcons will be child’s play. Take Packers (—8½).

Bucs 24, Bears 17: The Bears could be starting a lengthy losing streak with this game and the Vikings on the horizon. The Bucs are underachievers and should be primed for this game. Tampa Bay needs a win if they have any thoughts of making the playoffs. Take Bucs (—4).

Browns 23, Ravens 22: Cleveland playing tough and give their all to surprise the Ravens. The Browns showed tons of heart, giving Steelers all they can handle after their tough loss the week before against Chicago. Take Browns (+8½).

Raiders 29, Chargers 17: San Diego also a team running out of miracles. The Chargers now settle back as simply a tough team that could be playoff-bound next year. The Raiders continue their merry run. Take Raiders  (—9).

Jaguars 20, Steelers 17: The Jags showed some offense versus Cincinnati. Mark Brunell is on target and going for touchdowns, while Pittsburgh counts on defense and field goals. Take Jags (+5½).

Broncos 27, Redskins 24: The Skins face a tough challenge trying to win their fourth straight game. Denver has to contain Washington  running game. Take Redskins (—8½).

Lions 20, Cards 17: The Lions finally put one in the W column against this terrible franchise. Detroit has been winning the money. Take Lions (+3).

Rams 37, Patriots 31: Should be a shootout in New England unless there is snow and rain to go along with the wind. If the elements take over,  expect outright 17-13 win for the Patriots. Take Patriots (+10).

Giants 24, Vikings 20: The Vikings looked like they threw in the sponge versus Philadelphia. At home, they may toughen up. No hope for this team to turn things around. Take Giants (even).