Bellagio to host Cheval, classic equestrian show

Nov 20, 2001 3:04 AM

Happy Thanksgiving! Maybe there’s a Monti Rock III Turkey Award in your future. I’ll accept the first one in light of my comments about layoffs at The Venetian. No such action, according to the hotel’s PR department.

Now, let’s quit horsing around. An equestrian extravaganza, Cheval, is opening on Tuesday. An imagination of full gallop will be performed under the big tent at the Bellagio. This is brought to us by the people that created “O” and Mystère, so you know it’s first-rate.

The USO benefit at the Mandalay Bay was a hit. It was sold out as reported in an earlier column. My hat goes off to Clint Holmes, a fabulous entertainer, who as a friend does everything from the heart, but the show stoppers were impressionist, impressionist, impressionist. I’m speaking of Bob Anderson, Bill Acosta, Fred Travelena, Andre Phillippe Gagnon and the indomitable Rich Little. This could be a great show if the guys would park their egos at the door. Bob Anderson could be the catalyst and put this show together. Get with it guys. Food for thought, maybe.

Did you see it? The opening of the Palms even made the national news. The opening was superb, people were marvelous, well-behaved. This is another great addition to the Las Vegas scene and a sure hit for the locals as well as the tourists.

In Business Las Vegas, a local publication, selected 21 of the most influential men in Southern Nevada for 2001. A select group that covers the gamut from communication and resort gurus, like Ira David Sternberg, to Senator Richard Bryan and General L.D. Johnston from Nellis Air Force Base. My only question is, where’s the list for the women?

The MGM Grand has announced Rick Springfield has extended his run in EFX Alive indefinitely. EFX is one of the mainstays at the MGM and earlier featured Tommy Tune, Michael Crawford and David Cassidy. Rumor had Donny Osmond as a possible but it looks like that’s not going to happen. I, for one, thought Donny would have been a plus for EFX.

Coyote Ugly, yahoo! New York-New York’s Coyote Ugly Bar and Dance Saloon has 35 new coyotes. But they aren’t dogs. A nationwide search, narrowed to 150 finalists performing on the Brooklyn Bridge in front of New York-New York, had thousands of people cheering for the entertainer-bargenders, excuse me, that’s bartenders.

Also at New York-New York there’s an impromptu 9/11 memorial tribute that has appeared in front of Miss Liberty. Seems many think this is the closest they’ll ever get to the real thing, ground zero. Just goes to show we may be separated by miles, but our hearts are in the same place. Drive by and check out the flowers, mementos, cards, letters and other keepsakes. It’s quite moving.

As reported earlier, John Stewart and Bill Moore are bringing Bravo, a show starring Charo, and Mario & Danial, to the Venetian showroom. I stopped by to check out the rehearsal and Charo looked fabulous. Charo and La Vida Loca’s Ricky Martin should do a show together Talk about La Latin. Que bonito!

A favorite performer, the one and only David Cassidy is performing at the Rio’s Samba Theater on November 22, 23 and 24. Cassidy is the consummate performer and offers a lot to the Las Vegas entertainment scene. His earlier show, At The Copa, was a big hit and we all know David’s production of the Rat Pack at the Sahara continues to do big business. To me that’s a show that wouldn’t go away. Good for them.