Fulton seeks new license

Nov 20, 2001 7:41 AM

Apparently Stan Fulton, founder of Anchor Gaming (SLOT), likes his new activity as owner and operator of a racino, that’s a racetrack with slot machines. He’s actively pursuing another horse track license in New Mexico.

Fulton gained ownership of Sunland Park and Casino in eastern New Mexico when he sold his shares in Anchor Gaming to the company last year. Since then, the operators of Anchor Gaming have agreed to sell the company to International Game Technology (IGT).

But, in New Mexico, especially in the community of Hobbs, there is a great fear that another oilfield crash is just around the corner so support for the construction of a racetrack in that town has been growing. At a recent daylong hearing on the matter, supporters of the track pointed to Sunland Park where 470 jobs were created.

This played well with the three city commissioners who said they were concerned about an upturn in unemployment numbers and that they would support a track if it would boost the area’s economy.

But, there were plenty of naysayers, as well. A group of some 30 persons who objected to gambling on religious grounds was led by a local Baptist church pastor who said, “Video games are the crack cocaine of gaming”¦We know that all these things will be added because it’s what makes racing viable.”