Handicappers should call Jets best 7-3 team with bye

Nov 20, 2001 8:06 AM

            Media handicappers three weeks ago were calling the New York Jets the worst team in the NFL. Last week, the Jets were the worst 6-3 team in the league.

            What will it be this week? How about worst 7-3 team with a bye.

Thursday, Nov. 22

            Packers 24, Lions 13: Detroit can’t win for losing, and losing on Thanksgiving Day is not novel. Take Packers (—6½).

            Broncos 31, Cowboys 12: The Broncos get a helping of goodies on T-Day. Denver should eat the Cowboys for dinner. Broncos will right themselves here. Take Broncos (—8).

            Ravens 23, Jaguars 6: Jacksonville offense is nil and, with QB Mark Brunell doubtful, the chances of scoring grow dimmer. Ravens are no ball of fire on offense, but will score enough to cover. Take Ravens (—3).

            Dolphins 20, Bills 10: Miami not facing the Jets so should post a win in cool Buffalo. The Bills played well versus Seattle in last outing, but facing the Dolphins is a different story. Take Dolphins (—5).

            Titans 18, Steelers 13: Pittsburgh is a tough team to score on, but will give up enough points to the fired-up Titans. Take Titans (+1½).

            Chiefs 24, Seahawks 18: The Chiefs are coming of a bye weekend and should be energized enough to beat this bunch. Seahawks needed every trick in the book to get by Buffalo. Chiefs are not that easy. Take Chiefs (+1).

            49ers 38, Colts 37: High scoring game should be the play here. Defense takes the day off. Colts are hurting and their defense allows more than their offense can score. Niners have red-hot QB Jeff Garcia, who is Peyton Manning’s equal right now and with a better supporting cast. Take Niners (+2).

            Redskins 19, Eagles 17: This is a different Redskins squad from earlier in the season. Washington has won four in a row and could become a playoff contender. Strange things can happen this time of year. Take Redskins (+9).

            Falcons 27, Panthers 13: The Panthers are a snake-bitten crew will find a way to lose. Atlanta will help them. QB Chris Chandler puts points on the board. Take Falcons (—4).

  Browns 23, Bengals 13: The Browns are the new NFL terror, overcoming bad breaks and heart-stopping losses with a fighting ability to overcome all odds. Bengals have hit a wall and don’t appear to be able to turn things around. Take Browns (—4½).

  Pats 27, Saints 24: The Saints are no bargain on the road, plus the cold weather could render them useless. Patriots have an improved defense to go with their high-powered offense. Take Pats (+2½).

            Chargers 24, Cards 20: The Chargers have also hit a wall and Flutie is running out of miracles. San Diego has enough to win, however covering the spread this week is too much. Take Cards (+6½).

            Raiders 27, Giants 18: The Giants step up in class here and will be tested. Raiders are on a Super Bowl mission. Giants come off a Monday nighter in Minnesota and will have big problems in a short week.  Take Raiders (—3).

            Bears 24, Vikes 20: The Bears are leading a charmed life, making the most of good breaks and overcoming bad ones. The Vikings are off the Giants clash Monday, though staying at home. Take Bears (+1).

            Rams 38, Bucs 16: The Bucs are an over-rated crew and will not make the playoffs. The Tampa Bay offense is suspect and the defense is deteriorating quickly. The Rams will have a picnic against a team that too often goes three-and-out. Take Rams (—11½).