Potter is nothing compared to NFL’s dogs

Nov 27, 2001 6:17 AM

Who let the dogs out? Maybe it was Fluffy, the three-headed dog of Harry Potter fame. The dogs growled out 11 winners over the holiday weekend, including last Monday night.

Two weeks in a row the dogs have been tough to beat. Five underdogs over four points win their games straight up and then a big 11-2-1 week to follow it up. Here’s a three-headed dog to guard your bankroll.

Pats +4
Colts +7
Cards +13½

Thursday, Nov. 29

Eagles —2½ over CHIEFS: Tough game to pick. Eagles in jeopardy of giving up first place. You have to figure an all-out assault on Trent Green. Chiefs QB was perfect last week, no picks. But can he put two games together?

Sunday, Dec. 2

DOLPHINS —3 over Broncos: Jay Fiedler to Chris Chambers gave Dolphins big lift. May have been enough emotion to make them forget 27 turnovers for the season and the Jets drubbing at home two weeks ago.

Colts +7 over RAVENS: Niners beating woke Jim Mora up from a deep sleep. Mora told reporters that Colts would be lucky to win another game. He also called Peyton Manning’s performance pathetic. Colts are beat up. But if this tongue lashing doesn’t wake them up, nothing will! Elvis “The King” Grbac is back after missing one game and Brian Billick is gloating already. We’ll see if big Elvis can lay off the turnovers!

SAINTS —8 over Panthers: The Panthers came within two points of New Orleans early in the season. But Carolina has had a difficult time dealing with all the injuires. Panthers have lost 10 straight! Brooks coming off a poor performance but Pats stingy D had something to do with it. Aaron will rebound at home and Ricky Williams will have a big day.

STEELERS —6 over Vikings: Steelers a complete team. Vikes just a home team. I’m starting to doubt that after Bears game. Randy Moss didn’t even look like he was trying to win the game. Vikes have no running game. Steelers lose one of the best blocking tight ends in the league and just keep trucking along. Bettis should hammer a team that appears to have thrown in the towel.

Pats +4 over JETS: The Jets won 10-3 in week two. But this is a different Pats team with Tom Brady leading them back into playoff contention. Pats D contained Ricky Williams. Now they need to take care of Curtis Martin. Antowain Smith giving Brady much needed running game to go along with his brilliant passing. Pats can get within a half game of Jets with win here. This is a take all the way!

Rams —9 over FALCONS: Kurt Warner will find some holes in the Falcons secondary. Rams too quick for Atlanta. Look for the Rams quick defense to lay some licks on vulnerable QB Chris Chandler.

Bucs —7½ over BENGALS: Cincy had everyone fooled for a couple of weeks. But the Bungles are back! Akili Smith should be given a fair chance now. Kitna and Mitchell should try the Arena league.

BROWNS —3 over Titans: This is no mistake on the lake. Browns defense has 25 interceptions in 10 games. Cleveland closes with three road games, need all the home games to go their way to have any chance of the money games.

Lions +5 over BEARS: Lions keep playing hard despite not winning a single game. Might see Mike McMahon here after stirring performance on Turkey Day. Bears are awesome and still don’t receive enough respect. But Da Bears may be a little full of themselves after Vikings upset.

Chargers +4 over SEAHAWKS: San Diego passing game starting to come back just a little. Tim Dwight’s loss was bigger than expected. Hasselbeck starting to throw more wisely but he’s still young. Game should be decided by a field goal.

Cards +13½ over RAIDERS: Cards should take this point spread as a personal insult. Plummer has led team on stirring come-backs the last two weeks. Pittman and Jones starting to pitch in a little and help carry some of the load. Raiders are the best in the AFC right now but they better not take the Cards lightly.

Cowboys +7 over SKINS: I liked the way Dallas battled back on Thanksgiving. Redskins first team to lose five straight and then reel off five consecutive wins. Cowboys know Banks is pretty good, but is he that good? Cowboys also know they were the last team to beat Skins this season.

Bills +9½ over 49ERS: Bills have played teams close, even though they rarely win. Covered last two out of three on road and should have won the money in New England with their one loss. Alex Van Pelt is no Jeff Garcia yet. But you have to say the potential might be there.

Monday, Dec. 3

Packers —3 over JAGS: The Jags couldn’t take advantage of Ravens injuries and now they entertain Packers, who have had some extra rest. Packers D will put on a show for the national TV audience.