Aristocrat OASIS casino/tracking sales climbing

Nov 27, 2001 7:55 AM

The opening of the new Palms casino resort marked the latest major property to incorporate Aristocrat Technologies’ state-of-the-art OASIS Quickets casino management, player tracking and ticket in/ticket out systems.

A year ago, the Suncoast in Summerlin also opened with the OASIS Quickets system.

In addition, Aristocrat recently announced that it would be installing OASIS systems in the three largest casinos in Mesquite, Nevada ”” the Oasis Resort & Casino, the Casablanca Resort Hotel & Casino and the Virgin River Hotel & Casino and Bingo. All three are owned by Diversified Interests of Las Vegas.

“The selection of a casino management system is one of the most critical for a casino and we appreciate the vote for the OASIS system,” said Mark Newburg, president of Aristocrat Technologies. “As this contract underscores, OASIS is deployed not only for accounting and other administrative functions, but also for player marketing solutions.

“As we continue to expand on our leadership role in the systems arena, we focus the OASIS system on delivering features that produce these added value components for the casino,” he continued. “Today, this includes providing the latest innovations for cashless casino solutions, which provide both better player satisfaction and associated cost-savings.”

The first installation is planned for the Oasis casino, and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The installations will displace two other casino management systems and will monitor more than 2,400 games at the three casinos.

“En route to selecting the OASIS system, we evaluated a lot of casino management systems,” said Randy Black, Sr., chairman of the board of privately-held Diversified Interests. “In the highly competitive gaming industry, you need to be able to pinpoint the trends established by your customers and be able to react at the drop of a hat. Each system has its advantages, but we found the features in this particular system met our specific needs.”

The OASIS casino management system uses the popular Windows operating platform and advanced electronic monitoring equipment to collect, integrate, analyze and report information on player and gaming machine activity. OASIS enables operators to link of their data centers together, including casino, hotel, food and beverage and point of sale.

The Quickets system allows a casino to be completely coinless, making it so tickets printed on one manufacturer’s machine can be inserted and accepted in another manufacturer’s machine. It also has functions for slot auditing and casino operations.

Quickets is already installed in more than 20 casinos around the United States. In total, more than 140,000 gaming machines in more than 125 casinos across North America are now being monitored by OASIS systems.