Paying markers slowing down

Nov 27, 2001 8:41 AM

ROUNDING UP MARKERS! A pipe ”” wise to the ways of inside casino doings ”” reports that players have gone into slow motion paying off their debts.

“Markers are overwhelming,” explained the source. “Ever since Terror Tuesday casinos have taken it on the chin. Players are not coming as regularly as in the past. Markers often are paid with player churn. When the churn slows, the IOUs begin to mount.

“Not to worry!” the pipe continued. “The game is so strong, time will cure all short comings. I hope the bean counters take head and don’t panic.”

EYES ACROSS THE BIG POND! Nobody has admitted that the bidding war has begun but, then again, nobody would be surprised either. The target could be London Clubs International (LCI) now that it has shed its financial responsibility of paying off some of the Aladdin Hotel/Casino debts.

LCI’s attractiveness emerged when a certain Sir Alan Budd released the contents of a gambling review made at the request of English lawmakers. Budd suggested the U.K. deregulate gaming. Now, according to press reports, a “Government White Paper” will be released in February that will “revolutionize casinos.” In other words, Las Vegas-style casinos will be the big attraction in London-town and its environs.

Those close to the scene believe moves will be made by America’s biggest gaming companies to participate in the gaming expansion. They include MGM MIRAGE Inc. (MGG), Park Place Entertainment Corp. (PPE), and the recently hard-hit Sun International Hotels (SIH).

But, breathing heavily on their shoulders will be the industry’s biggest whale, Kerry Packer. The Australian publishing magnate has already shown his expertise by making Crown Casino into one of Down Under’s crown jewels.

ONLINE IS ON FIRE! GamingToday’s website has seen a flurry of hits lately, the result of our newly added sports selection feature. In fact, the number of hits to Special Proposition Betting now ranks second only to our Bookie’s Battle, which has historically been our most popular feature during the football season.

What’s all the excitement about? Well, for starters, we post selections every day ”” for major sports, such as NBA and NCAA basketball, NHL hockey and, of course, NFL and NCAA football. Our staff also posts daily horse racing picks for major tracks such as Hollywood Park and Golden Gate Fields.

How good have the picks been? You be the judge! GT tabbed Golden Gate horses Prejohn ($24) and Old Mizzou ($11.80) as winners last Saturday, when our NBA picks were 5-0! Football bettors also cleaned up with GT’s Thanksgiving picks of Dallas and Detroit in the NFL and Arkansas, Southern Miss and Colorado over Nebraska on Friday in the NCAA!

Besides daily picks, GT linemakers post early lines for NCAA and NBA basketball a day before the Vegas books. Moreover, we will be the first to post the college bowl lines, as soon as the teams are determined.

To get in on the action, log on to The Special Proposition Betting is free of charge to all subscribers.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN! The anti-gambling do-gooders of America are quick to point to problems that might develop when gaming is introduced to a community but rarely do they admit the good.

Take Lawrenceburg, Indiana, on the Ohio River. Five years ago, few would admit they came from the historic Hoosier community that had seen better days. The community was in serious disrepair with no money to do anything about it.

Then came Argosy Gaming (AGY) with a plan to berth a riverboat casino on its shores. The casino soon became the most popular riverboat in the area and its success was exactly what Lawrenceburg needed.

In five years, Argosy has stuffed the coffers of Lawrenceburg with $192 million, enough to revitalize the community: new roads, new public buildings and new services, all without taxing its citizens. Soon there will be a new fire station, new water plant and a major downtown redevelopment plan.

It’s no wonder Lawrenceburg loves Argosy.

LAW AND ORDER star Jerry Orbach is a classy guy. He doesn’t speak with forked tongue.

“The FAA wants me to do a public service announcement for the airlines, but I won’t until I know safety is better.”

BRITS TURN TO KENO! The game of Keno is being tested in England by Jupiters through an alliance with U.K. operator Stanley Leisure.

Keno is being placed in 30 betting shops in Northern England. At the same time, the Brits are increasing the number of poker machines allowed in casinos and broadening the range of activities offered to include sports betting and bingo. It would place U.K. casinos on a par with their Las Vegas and Australian counterparts.

The word is that Australian publisher Kerry Packer, a well-known high roller in a number of Las Vegas casinos, is studying casino acquisitions to build onto the success of Crown Casino.

CASINO LICENSE IN SOUTH AFRICA! Century Casinos Inc. reports that its 50%-owned subsidiary ”” Rhino Resort Ltd. ”” has been awarded the sixth and final casino license serving the Johannesburg region of Gauteng Province, South Africa. The actual issue of the license will follow the satisfaction by Rhino of certain procedural requirements, including the finalization of financing documentation and agreement to certain terms and conditions.

HOW SWEET IT IS! That’s what in-the-knowsters were saying after Ohio State upset favored Michigan in the annual rivalry on Saturday. After all, the outcome was forecast in a horse race conducted last week at Raceway Park, a little trotting track in Toledo, Ohio.

The track stages a promotion each year featuring supporters of Ohio-based horses vying against Michigan-based horses. For the past three years, the winner of the race has been identical to the winner of the Ohio State-Michigan game.

So, when an Ohio-based horse won this year’s renewal, the horse players, who also enjoy betting a bob or two on the outcome of a football game, climbed all over Ohio State, a nine-point dog.

And, they got the money. It was that easy.