George Harrison: A generation’s guiding light

Dec 4, 2001 3:34 AM

I already miss George Harrison. Not only was he a talented musician and songwriter, and a key component in the musical phenomenon known as The Beatles, but George represented an era that has somehow slipped away from us, the Age of Innocence.

Whether you liked their music or hated it, the Beatles were the most significant musical group of our lifetime. They evolved through the Sixties and Seventies, and most of us evolved along with them.

Knowing George’s view of life, death and the hereafter, he would not want us to grieve for him. But I grieve, because the hope, peace and love that he sang about seems to have passed from our consciousness.

But for now, let’s rejoice because the holiday season is upon us. Deck the halls with balls of folly! The first one, the party that’s talked about by everyone, was a birthday party for Robert Goulet, organized by his wife Vera. The affair was catered by none other than Wolfgang Puck and there was valet service for arriving guests, oh wow! Among the chosen few in attendance were McGuire, Clint Holmes, Bob Anderson, Frankie Randall and Vincent Falcone. According to spies, Steve and Edie were there, observing the whole Vegas icon soiree.

Paige O’Hara, the voice of Belle, and her husband Michael Piontek, have been busy going to all the premiers for the 10th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. She sounds fantastic on a re-issue of her album, CD and video.

As I reported in my column last week the wonderful Marlene Ricci is ready for her own room at the Riviera in January. Marlene, who was discovered by Frank Sinatra, is the consummate singer. She does it right.

Speaking of the one and only Frank, there will be a Frank Sinatra Day soon and Frank Sinatra, Jr. and his band will be coming to Las Vegas.

I went to the opening of the coochi, coochi girl herself, Charo. The show has been tightened, the promotion is superb. Charo shows the Vegas that used to be. Her best line in the show is that everyone thinks she is 250 years old.

The Venetian Showroom might be looking at a shake-up in management. That what my spies are whispering. The word behind the scenes, according to insiders, is Melinda, the First Lady of Magic, is not speaking to her brother, David Saxe. Is this a family feud? If it is, it wouldn’t be the first.

Speaking of feuds, the MGM Grand had Roseanne and Louis Anderson on the same stage for the first time, and from what I hear, the last time. Roseanne, who used to be funny, well, isn’t amusing. Unless you find jiggling blobs of lard funny.

At New York-New York, I went to the opening of the latest version of Lord of the Dance. The show has changed and it’s a must see.

My friend KC, and the Sunshine Band, have a brand new CD and will open at the House of Blues December 30.

For all you star gazers, who are on the health bandwagon, one of the best kept secrets in town is Raw Truth on Flamingo. This restaurant has all the stars coming in for their juices, sprouts and vegetarian lunches. I promised I wouldn’t reveal all the stars that are showing up in the morning for their vitamins and wheat germ, but the day I visited, well, wowee!