Hey Duke, have another donut

Dec 4, 2001 7:31 AM

As if there were a doubt.

Woe was Clemson for facing Duke in hoops the day after its football team put the finishing touches on the Blue Devils’ second straight winless season.

The second donut, a phrase made famous by former New Jersey coach Jim Schoenfeld in reference to the waistline of referee Don Koharski when the two exhanged insults following a NHL playoff loss decided by a controversial call that went against the Devils.

Two straight “donut” seasons allowed Duke to clinch the Dirty Dozen championship over fast-closing Houston, which overtook Navy by the slimmest of margins for No. 2 honors. The judges, when awake, believed Navy’s effort against Army was worthy of a lower ranking. Thus Navy went from No. 2 to No. 3. The top three teams in the poll were a combined 0-32 straight-up, making the poll credible.