Gov. Guinn reluctant to raise gaming taxes

Dec 4, 2001 8:34 AM

LOOK ELSEWHERE! Nevada Gov. Kenny Guinn is speaking his piece before a newly appointed task force on Nevada’s tax structure. The governor thinks the panel should first look elsewhere for money before raising gambling taxes. He said he agrees with gambling industry representatives who think casinos are already shouldering a heavy tax burden.

“Is somebody else not paying as much? I can’t disagree with them,” Guinn told the Reno Gazette Journal. “Some are paying virtually nothing and others are paying heavily. There’s a doctrine of fairness here.”

Luther Mack of Reno, a member of the task force, said before considering any tax hikes he wants to explore how current tax dollars are spent and who’s providing them. “Gaming should not be the only industry that pays a heavy tax. It seems gaming really steps up to the plate to pay a heavy tax,” he said.

The governor formed the eight-member task force recently after determining Nevada’s general fund will be $1 billion short in balancing a projected $3.4 billion budget by 2009. It means cutting services or raising revenues.