Sinatra Timeline

Dec 11, 2001 7:12 AM

Fifty years after he made his Las Vegas showroom debut, Frank Sinatra remains an indelible part of the city’s image. The following timeline traces the highlights of the mutually beneficial relationship from 1951-2001.

1951 Sinatra makes his Las Vegas showroom debut at the Desert Inn.

1953 He begins a long partnership with the Sands Hotel.

1956 He makes a cameo appearance in the musical, “Meet Me in Las Vegas.”

1957 First world premier in Las Vegas of a Sinatra movie, “The Joker is Wild,” held at the El Portal Theater on Fremont.

1960 The Rat Pack draws national attention as they film “Ocean’s Eleven” by day and perform to star-studded crowds in the showroom by night.

1966 Sinatra records a rare live album “Sinatra at the Sands,” with the Count Basie Orchestra in the showroom. He also marries Mia Farrow at the Sands.

1968 He debuts at Caesars Palace and continues to perform until his “retirement” three years later.

1974 After more than two years of retirement, Sinatra returns to Caesars Palace for one of the city’s most celebrated performances.

1981 Sinatra records “It’s Time for You.”

1987 He signed an exclusive performance agreement with Bally’s.

1990 He makes a two-year deal to perform at the Riviera.

1992 Sinatra’s 77th birthday party is held at the Desert Inn.

1994 His final Las Vegas performance is at the MGM Grand.

1998 Following Sinatra’s death in May, Las Vegas paid tribute to the legend by dimming the lights on the Strip.

2001 Las Vegas launches new ad campaign featuring Sinatra’s song.

2001 The Sinatra slot machine debuts in Las Vegas.