Venetian cashes out its change persons

Dec 11, 2001 8:15 AM

Cash carts are out and cross-training is in at the Venetian.

In a cost-saving move, the Strip resort cashiered 30 change girls last month. Along the way, the casino parked its cash carts and expanded the duties of the floor workers who remained.

Hotel officials would not confirm the layoffs, but employees told GamingToday that 30 change girls were taken off the board last month. Since then, some have been recalled to work reduced hours.

Joe Ham, public relations manager for the Venetian, said floor workers are “multi-tasking” these days. “We still have people making change. In addition, they’re money runners and they fill the money banks,’’ he said. Some also verify and handle the large payouts.

“We’re doing more work,’’ confirmed one floor person.

The cross-training program reflects a consolidating trend in an industry more anxious than ever to wring every nickel from casino operations. Fewer carts, fewer change girls and fewer job classifications are three ways to do that.

A midweek tour of the property found a smattering of floor personnel serving a light crowd of players. “It’s supply and demand,’’ one worker shrugged.

Since the Venetian stopped using change carts, players are relying more on bill receptors in slots and queuing up at change booths. The move could signal a shift toward a paper ticket system used by off-Strip resorts like Coast Casinos. So far, however, Ham says the Venetian has no cashless machines.