Dec 16, 2001 12:31 AM

Apartments in an urban village, containing streams and trees, will surround the new Green Valley Ranch Casino by late 2003, according a report in the Las Vegas Sun.

American Nevada Corp. is making plans for the village, which will be built on 30 acres of barren desert land east of the newest Stations Casino, scheduled to open this Tuesday night.

American Nevada President John Kilduff described the plan as a "pedestrian Main Street concept" designed to resemble downtown aras of small towns in the northeast and midwest.

"It will look like this center was built over 60 or 70 years," Kilduff told the Las Vegas Sun. "It will look like you're going through difference neighboroods. One building might be brick, the next stucco. This will be a unique retail product in Las Vegas.

The center will be lined to Green Valley Ranch by a pedestrian walkway, which will lead directly into the hotel-casino's movie theater.