Senor Clause’s gettin’ ready to ring your bell!

Dec 18, 2001 2:27 AM

Silver bells, silver bells, it’s party time in the city! Your favorite bell-ringer has much to report. Ding Dong Ding Dong!

Christmas came early for this columnist when I went to the most fabulous celebration for the late, great Frank Sinatra at the MGM Grand’s EFX Theater. Frank Sinatra opened this pinnacle of entertainment back in 1994 and justly, they have chosen to commemorate this icon of entertainment with the new Frank Sinatra slots.

The evening was a postcard of the old Vegas””glamour, excitement, celebrities, talent, and the rush of adrenaline that was abundant in the city’s Golden Days. Although most of the original members of his Rat Pack are only memories, other close Sinatra pals were there to celebrate this moment. Buddy Greco and his lovely and talented songstress wife Lezlie Anders were there with Robert Goulet and his vivacious Vera. Sonny King, the lounge king, was partying with Marty Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Duke Morgan. Nancy Sinatra, Jr. gave a tearful but beautiful appearance. The party was the consummate Vegas bash. It was held at Olio’s in the MGM, of course! We were treated to culinary delights of giant shrimp hors d’ouvres. Great wines were poured and the spirits flowed courtesy of Sutton. It was just like Frank used to enjoy. That was the whole idea””recreate a Frank Sinatra feast!

As I milled through the elite crowd, I saw Tony Curtis with his sensational wife, along with Rich Little. But the most poignant part of the evening occurred when Nancy Sinatra, Sr.””Frank’s first wife””told a magical story. But the party was not the end all of the night””we then went into the EFX Theatre to see Frank Sinatra, Jr. do a bone chilling tribute to his father. What a moment! There will never be another Frank, Sr., but Frank, Jr. is a true talent himself!

As I reported earlier, Oceans Eleven is a smash! Great cast””sexy George Clooney with his bedroom eyes and suave manner can get many a female fan’s heart pumping. It took in over $40 million here and in Turkey. What is this Turkey thing? Is there a connection? Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Clooney head a fabulous cast with all the right Vegas lights.

Other openings this week include the Station Casinos’ Green Valley Ranch property. This is a new member of the Station Casinos group that attracts folks from all over to the very beautiful and toney neighborhood of Green Valley.

The Brendan Theaters opened at the Palms with the powerful film, “Ali” starring Will Smith. The Great One, Muhammed Ali was scheduled to appear for the fund raising event at the premier.

In January, the Bellagio will be hosting a new experience””LIGHT””an upscale nightclub that will only be able to seat 40 tables for an elite crowd by reservation only. CHI CHI””but I am a snob””I love it!

Elton John was superb at the MGM. I thought he was retiring””I am so happy that he has decided not to keep his word. More albums, please, Sir John.

Charo is pulsating at the Venetian with good figures””both hers and the box office!

All around the town the silver bells have been ringing for the opening of the Turnberry Towers, the luxurious epitome of power and elegance! Amenities are for a queen or a king, along with private clubs. Bob Anderson will grace the stage of the Sterling Club for the TT’s grand opening. The Turnberry is exclusive””no outsiders, no view from its turrets. Snobby, snobby””when will us mortals have a chance to celebrate the “joy” of the season? No caroling at their doorstep!

Big shows seem to be coming back in fashion. A new Mystere is headed to the New York-New York and soon? In two years, Celine Dion will open the new Caesar’s Palace Showroom. We need new stars, new shows, new energy, where are they? Grace Jones, the NY club scene diva dynasty princess wants to come here with her show too.

New Year’s is almost here. High rollers are treated like royalty for the celebration. Stars galore will perform. At the Orleans, Frankie Avalon will ring in the New Year with a dinner show. Tony Orlando will delight audiences Thursday through Sunday with his Christmas show.

HO HO HO, and a bottle of 200 proof rum! Merry Christmas to every one of you! May your New Year be magical and full of shining stars!