Lions won’t sleep on just one win, will upset Steelers

Dec 18, 2001 5:16 AM

Football fans will be treated to a triple-header, Saturday, courtesy of the NFL.

Morning, noon and night. Oh, what a jolly time will be had for the wives and girlfriends of America.


Dolphins 17, Pats 13: The Dolphins are in over their heads in this game. Question before the house is can they come back after an old-fashioned whipping in San Francisco where everything went wrong. Feeling here is Patriots QB Tom Brady meets his match here, while Dolphins right their ship and win. Take Dolphins (+3).

49ers 20, Eagles 12: The Eagles suffer a letdown after beating arch-rival Washington on the road. Philly is undefeated on the road this year, but the record goes by the boards here. Take 49ers (—3).

Titans 24, Raiders 22: The Raiders are a tired old team that’s gasping for air. Though, Oakland is home look for the Titans to win. Take Titans (+pts).

Bucs 26, Saints 20: The Bucs will turn things around at home to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Saints come off  a head-knocker with the Rams and could be out of gas from the effort. Bucs salvage some pride and a win. Take Bucs (—3).

Rams 33, Panthers 26: The Panthers don’t belong on the same field with the Rams. However, Carolina is coming off a bye week and has had a chance to rest some of the walking wounded. St. Louis played Monday night and could take the game lightly. Take Panthers (+12½).

Chiefs 23, Chargers 17: San Diego could start rookie Drew Brees at QB. Chiefs would like to continue winning. Chargers have lost six in a row and have hit a wall. Could throw in the towel early. Take Chiefs (—4).

Giants 17, Seahawks 9: The Seahawks are no bargain on the road. Giants are the original no offense brigade. New York has a slim chance of making the playoffs, plus the home field advantage. Try a parlay. Take Giants (—3½) and Under (35).

Falcons 23, Bills 13: The Bills are playing their hearts out with no success. Game versus Patriots may have taken the starch out of them. Buffalo has no running game. Take Falcons (—4).

Bears 9, Redskins 3: Washington can’t score touchdowns and the Bears are content to play kitty bar the door football. No love between these two outfits. May be more interested in fighting than playing football. Another parlay. Take Bears (—2) and Under (32½).

Ravens 23, Bengals 17: The Bengals are a scrappy team that plays great defense. However, their secondary is weak against the pass. The offense consists of Corey Dillon running and little else. If Akili Smith is healthy at QB, the Bengals could surprise. Take Bengals (+11).

Packers 22, Browns 16: The Browns are not far from being a playoff team, and you can’t take them for granted. They will fight you all the way. Packers off a rough one with Tennessee and could be hurting. Take Browns (+9).

Lions 18, Steelers 17: The Lions, who put out every week, were rewarded with their first victory. Pittsburgh is coming off battle-royal with Baltimore and a letdown is more than possible. Take Lions (+7½).

Cards 20, Cowboys 10: The Cards are beset by injuries. Cowboys beset by lack of talent, but will enjoy Arizona sunshine. The game is a different story. Take Cards (—3).

Jaguars 31, Vikings 30: The Vikings are a better at home than on the road. The Jaguars play 60 minutes and Minnesota can’t stand up for that length of time. Take Jaguars (+3½).

Jets 37, Colts 33: A shootout where defense goes out the window. The Jets offense at home in a mystery, however most of the time they click on all cylinders on the road. The Colts play well against New York, but the Jets badly need a win. Tailback Curtis Martin should run for 150 yards and quarterback Vinny Testaverde will pass for over 200 yards for the first time. Take Jets (+3).