Weil moves firm into U.K.

Dec 18, 2001 6:50 AM

Lorne Weil, chairman and CEO of Scientific Games Corporation (SGM), has always tried to be the leader in technology whether it be for totalizator systems used by racetracks for wagering purposes or with the newly-developed internet activity.

Last week, Weil and his partners in the United Kingdom launched a new approach to wagering on horse races through the Internet. The company is called “attheraces.com.uk” and it has an agreement with 49 English racecourses to broadcast races, racing information and wagering on digital satellite television and on the Internet.

The system uses SGM’s TrackPlay wagering platform as the technology backbone and therefore it can be deployed anywhere in the world. In fact, it was announced that “attheraces.com.uk” had designated Bryan Krantz of Fair Grounds racetrack in New Orleans as its North American representative.

“For Scientific Games, TrackPlay represents an important new distribution channel for pari-mutuel services and we intend to exploit it to the fullest possible extent,” said Weil.

“Here in the United States, various states are passing legislation specifically allowing Internet betting so the growth opportunity is accelerating here as well as in other parts of the world,” he said.

Arena Leisure Plc., the principal partner in the consortium, is the largest independent racetrack operator in England with six courses. Its properties have staged 19% or all British horseracing. Other partners in the Internet activity are BskyB and Channel 4.