Sigma rockin’ with new slot

Dec 18, 2001 8:00 AM

Las Vegas-based Sigma Games has partnered with Arizona-based Top Gun Gaming to develop a Rock Around the Clock slot machine. The new game should be available in spring 2002.

The game, based on the hit song from Bill Haley and the Comets, captures the essence of the Fabulous Fifties through the use of trademarked music and symbols of the era.

The slot features a dual-three reel layout, one located in the base game and the second in the custom top box, which includes an oversized clock with 60 incremented LEDs representing the seconds.

Players can play from one to three coins ”” the third coin activates the top box reels which, when activated, spin simultaneously with the base game reels.

The machine will be available in various denominations and payback percentages.

Winning combinations on the base reels pay cash awards to the player, winning combination on the top box reels reward the player with time advancement on the top box clock.

After the player accumulates 60 seconds (12 o’clock) of time via hits on the top box reels, the Rock Around the Clock bonus round is triggered. The player is prompted to start the bonus round and spins the top box reels, winning bonus money during the 60-second bonus round.

The bonus round ends with the total accumulated bonus winnings paid from the bonus win meter to the player’s meter.