Palms offers free contest for horse handicappers

Dec 18, 2001 8:36 AM

Horseplayers looking for a good deal should drop by the Palms on Wednesday and Friday, when its race book offers a free horse handicapping contest.

The contest is open to anyone over 21 and pays $500 for first place, $250 for second and $150 for third. There’s also an early bird bonus of $100 for the party leading the contest after the fifth race.

To play, contestants must fill out their entry forms before the first race begins. Players will try to pick horses from the card at the designated Southern California racetrack, which will be Santa Anita beginning next week.

The contest requires entrants to pick one main selection and one alternate selection in each race. The alternate becomes the selection if the main one is scratched. If both are scratched, there is no selection for that race.

Points are awarded for the highest finishing position for each horse. That is, the winning horse receives points for the win only, and not for place and show.

The amount of points equals the pari-mutuel price plus five points for the win; three points for the place and one point for the show.

The player with the highest point total wins the first place prize; second most points win the second prize, etc.