Green Valley Ranch is ‘Bellagio for locals’

Dec 24, 2001 1:30 AM

Green Valley Ranch Station staged an inauguration to remember last Tuesday night. Wow, what a great party: An evening of stars, fireworks, fine dining and entertainment plus everyone on their best behavior, including this columnist.

I was looking for Cindy Crawford and her husband Randy Gerber who opened that wonderful Whiskey Sky, but there was Rich Little again. Hey, Louie, Louie and the effervescent Phyllis McGuire. Oops! There’s Tony Curtis with his wife again, Christian Slater and his entourage, Al Bernstein and, of course, Robin Leach who likes it rich and decadent. There was so much electricity in the air that I didn’t even want to sit down and eat. I just wanted to look at all the beautiful people, and I say that with some envy (not much, just some).

The finger food, the service, they applauded me, but then they applauded everybody. So for me, we have a winner here. The Green Valley community has a winner. There were owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, along with Brian Greenspun.

As part of the opening, the Whiskey Sky Bar is slated to be the best bar/nightclub to open in Las Vegas in many a day. Earlier I reported on the opening of the Palms and the Rain nightclub with Macy Gray. Green Valley Ranch is right there as well. I will be a patron. This is the kind of Vegas I love.

I got a call the other day from Mark Callis and Donnie Moore. Donnie used to do Elvis. They are the producers of the American Superstars show at the Stratosphere. The show has been held over for two more years. One thing I can say about this show is that it is always fresh. Adding new “stars” like Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin. Hey, the show has something for every night crawler.

Madeline Weekly, a girl I adore, called me from the Rio. De La Guarda, the show that got rained out on opening night, has closed. Soon Tony and Tina’s Wedding will open but it has to be marketed right. You do remember my earlier forecast. This is a wonderful space built right outside the hotel and I feel it has a lot to be desired, as I said before, we need new shows, we want new shows!

I saw the Jim Carrey movie, The Majestic, which could be Academy Award material.

Let’s not forget KC and the Sunshine Band set for December 31. Storm is still thundering at Mandalay Bay. Charo is doing respectful business at The Venetian and of course Siegfried and Roy return December 25”¦ they’re sold out already!

We all remember Pia Zadora. She was once married to the owner of the Riviera who also produced Splash for awhile. Well, it seems Pia is in divorce court or separation and rumor is that she’s staying at Meshulam’s pad. What’s going on?

From New York City my spies tell me that Liza Minelli, recently engaged, is on the mend and ready to return to her singing and performing. We almost lost the poor darling. Her sister, Lorna Luft, is also getting ready to go back on board.

This is just in. Lezlie Anders, who does a one-woman show, a Peggy Lee biography, is close to having a deal signed.

The wonderful Rick Arroyo, the Latin ensemble and Salsa band, has been held over for three more months at the Coral Lounge at the Mandalay Bay. With the House of Blues and the rumjungle at Mandalay Bay, this place seems to know what it’s doing.

Don’t forget the Scintas have been signed for two more years at the Rio.

Next week, you’ll have the line up for the New Year’s picks and I’ll tell about the Christmas parties and which hotels sent me the best gift basket. (Hint! Hint!)

How’s your Christmas shopping going? Ho, Ho, Ho! Don’t forget my basket!

I love being this columnist, I love Las Vegas. It’s good to be here, in Neon Central!