Bucs worth wagering in Baltimore

Dec 25, 2001 1:27 AM

Hope everyone found a few winners under the Christmas tree. Just in case Santa hasn’t shown up yet, try unwrapping these three gifts from Denny The Dog.

Lions + 4
Saints —3
Seahawks + 2

Saturday, Dec. 29

BUCS +2 over Ravens: Two weeks ago Bears’ Anthony Thomas ran for 173 yards against Bucs. Feeling here is that Warren Sapp will tough out his injury and Tony Dungy’s players will pull together for one final push for the money games. Ravens have done a lot of talking this season but so far Elvis has left fans wondering whatever happened to Trent Dilfer. Didn’t Trent take them to a Super Bowl?

Sunday, Dec. 30

Colts +14 over RAMS: Colts playing for self-respect. A couple of defensive strongholds have come back from injury and positive changes have been made on the offensive line. Rams are the best the NFL has to offer but should be overrated here.

PACKERS —5 over Vikings: Todd Bouman nursing a sprained ligament in the thumb of his throwing hand. Culpepper is a done deal for the year. If I was Randy Moss, I don’t think I’d feel like freezin’ my butt off this Sunday. Wonder if he’ll play?

PANTHERS —2 over Cards: One of George Siefert’s last chances to show people he can coach. He doesn’t have to prove anything else to me. The Panthers have been decimated with injuries, didn’t have a great team to begin with and still manage to win the money on most Sundays. Can’t bet on any team whose place-kicker jumps up and down like his team is headed for the Super Bowl every Sunday on routine field goals!

Bills +4 over JETS: Have a hunch Jets are overrated in this match-up. Jets are in playoff hunt while Bills are going home to warm up their snow-blowers. Alex Van Pelt will keep this one close.

LIONS +4 over Bears: Lions should have beaten Bears a few weeks ago in Chicago. Lions may have found a new QB for the future in Mike McMahon. Heading into last weekend the previous 10 Lions games were decided by 10 points or less, including eight by 5 or less.

TITANS —5 over Browns: Titans looked like playoff material when they dumped Green Bay two weeks ago. Steve McNair is developing into a big threat with emergence of Dyson and Mason. Skip Hicks filling in nicely for Eddie George.

JAGUARS —2 over Chiefs: The Chiefs are a different team the last couple of weeks with Trent Green playing better and Priest Holmes running wild. But Green still hasn’t proven to be a consistent threat and Holmes is still nursing a groin injury.

DOLPHINS —4 over Falcons: Up until last week the Falcons were on a three-game losing streak while permitting 19 sacks. Atlanta’s D gave up over 470 yards and 34 points per game during that stretch. There’s no place like home for Miami, last two home games they clobbered Colts and Broncos!

Steelers —6 over BENGALS: Cincy may not have a healthy QB for this game. If they’re lucky enough to find one he may wish they never did when Pittsburgh’s D get done with him.

COWBOYS +7 over 49ers: Niners have proven their prowess at home with back-to-back shut-outs. Now let’s see if they can win big on the road with a QB that’s not quite at full strength. Don’t forget the Cowboys have played pretty well at home the last couple games.

EAGLES —4 over Giants: Philly won by a single point early in season when struggling and Giants had a winning record. Fortunes have reversed. Eagles should fly!

BRONCOS +4 over Raiders: They’re not the same old Broncos but they still can be tough at home. If they can find a somewhat healthy QB I like their chances of winning the money as a home dog!

Seahawks +2 over CHARGERS: No team has cooled off more than Bolts. Matt Hasselbeck is starting to mature at QB for Seahawks. Team loses nothing with Shaun Alexander replacing Ricky Watters.

SAINTS —2 over Skins: Saints have been stuck with a tough schedule lately. I think they get a little breather here and will take advantage of an overrated Skins team.