Patriots have edge in wild AFC East Division race

Jan 1, 2002 1:27 AM

The final week of the regular season has the Jets, Patriots and Dolphins fighting for home field advantage in the AFC East.

In the AFC West, the Raiders are trying to get a bye for a home game or two.

Sunday, Jan. 6

Giants 16, Packers 10: The Packers have no picnic here. Giants will do their best to make things difficult for GB and deny home field advantage. Should be low scoring. Take GIANTS.

Colts 31, Broncos 24: The Colts are trying to salvage some pride in finale. Broncos hurting and could be having a letdown after struggle with Raiders. Take COLTS.

Redskins 20, Cards 13: Guess here is that all positions are up for grabs. Injuries and uncertainty keep Cardinals from winning here. Skins trying to give fans something to build on for 2002. Take REDSKINS.

Lions 24, Cowboys 16: A Lions loss gives them a second chance at the top pick in the draft. Detroit’s season has been filled with close games. Take LIONS.

Panthers 20, Pats 16: The Pats are looking for home field advantage and a first round bye, but will be denied by a Panthers team that has wallowed in the NFL basement. Take PANTHERS.

Saints 26, 49ers 20: New Orleans is trying to win a home game, which has been difficult. The Niners are ready to be taken in preparing for the playoffs. Take SAINTS. 

Jaguars 19, Bears 17: The Bears run out of miracles as Jaguars close out regular season on a high note. Bears are doing it with mirrors, but one busts this week. Take JAGUARS.

Steelers 20, Browns 17: The Steelers finish the year against a team they would rather not face now. Browns nice and loose and will give it all. Take BROWNS.

Rams 41, Falcons 31: Track meet envisioned here, with Michael Vick at the controls. The QB situation could be in hands of backups with flag football rules in effect. Take OVER.

Dolphins 24, Bills 13: The Bills are going South for a tan, with football on the backside of the menu. Dolphins need a win and will make Buffalo pay the price. Take DOLPHINS.

Seahawks 24, Chiefs 17: The Seahawks with Trent Dilfer at QB make life miserable for Chiefs. The game could mean something to Seattle. Take SEAHAWKS.

Jets 23, Raiders 22: The Jets have trouble with Raiders, however the road has been good to them. Injuries have stymied Oakland of late, but expect an all-out effort. Old AFL rivals play it down to the wire. Take JETS.

Bucs 17, Eagles 10: The Bucs play tough at home, however in my book they are underachievers. Eagles are the right opponent for the finale. Take BUCS.

Monday, Jan. 7

Ravens 27, Vikings 17: The Ravens can score with ease versus a team that gave up early. Baltimore looked horrible against the Bucs and had better right the ship in a hurry or else it’s one and out in the playoffs. Take RAVENS.