Cabo + points

Jan 1, 2002 1:58 AM

Denny The Dog is between buffets and bingo, somewhere on the Pacific between Cabo San Lucas and Matzalan. Here’s the best I can do with just knowing the final results of last week and not much more info.

Best bets are:

Packers +2
49ers —1
Lions —2

Sunday, Jan. 6

Cards +5 over SKINS: Both teams just playing out the string. Points look good with the underdog.

RAMS —10 over Falcons: St. Louis won’t want to stumble in final game before their run to the Super Bowl.

PANTHERS +6 over Patriots: Carolina will be loose in what could be George Seifert’s last game as coach.

BEARS  —6  over Jaguars: Jacksonville will not want to play a January game in frigid Soldier Field.

TITANS —7 over Bengals: Tennessee is finishing strong. Cincinnati was finished all along.

Browns +10 over STEELERS: The bad blood is back. Steelers resting up for playoffs.

SEAHAWKS —3 over Chiefs: Seattle looks to answer some questions about Hasselback. KC needs new chiefs.

LIONS —2 over Cowboys: This could be considered the first game of next season.

COLTS —3 over Broncos: Definitely say goodbye to Jim Mora, if the Colts lose.

Packers +2 over GIANTS: Brett Favre vs. Kerry Collins. Not much thought required here.

49ers —1 over SAINTS: Two teams headed in vastly different directions. Saints go marching out.

Jets +4 over RAIDERS: The Jets have played better all year on the road. Raiders have struggled at home.

Bills +6 over DOLPHINS: Miami in its December/January swoon. Buffalo circles the wagon for another cover.

Eagles +3 over BUCS: Defense should reign in what should be a cracker-jack rumble in the jungle.

RAVENS —5 over Vikings: We’re not sure of the spread, but the result should be easy. Moss may change sides at halftime.