Popeye hits the casino

Jan 8, 2002 12:34 AM

Known the world over for his bulging forearms and every-ready can of spinach, Popeye the Sailor Man now comes to life as a new wide-area progressive video slot from Bally Gaming.

The highly-entertaining, multi-line, multi-coin machine packs a knockout punch with a progressive payout starting at $100,000, which is paid instantly.

The Popeye games were originally installed at Paris Las Vegas and the Rail City Casino in Sparks, but locations throughout the state have subsequently been added.

With a reset value of $100,000 that escalates in relation to player participation, the video game builds on the fun and entertainment that Popeye has provided for more than 70 years as one of the most endearing characters ever created.

Popeye’s supporting cast includes a symbol set that includes well-known characters such as Olive Oyl, Wimpy, Brutus and Sweat Pea. The game also offers high-resolution graphics and advanced sound on Bally Gaming’s new EVO video platform.

The new Popeye video slot game offers two special bonus features that spotlight classic scenes such as Popeye fighting past Brutus to rescue Olive Oyl, and Wimpy chomping hamburgers.

Popeye, the newest member of the Bally Gaming Thrillions progressive system family, will offer players in Nevada another mid-range progressive game, joining the $100,000 Betty Boop game that has proven to be extremely popular.

On the higher end, players in Nevada have a chance at a top award starting at $1 million with the new Millionaire 777’s game. And Bally Gaming also offers a low-end progressive, with the Blondie games resetting their jackpot at $25,000.

Current Thrillions jackpot amounts, locations to play and winners galleries can be found at {www.ballygaming.com}.