Mayor, Wildfire raze Ernie’s

January 15, 2002 7:33 AM


Mayor Oscar Goodman will drive a bulldozer through the old Ernie’s Casino today, paving the way for an expanded parking lot at the Wildfire Casino on North Rancho Drive.

Wildfire has indeed caught fire with the local clientele since opening last month. General Manager George Thompson credits “personal service” for boosting traffic at a time when the North Las Vegas market has been slumping by double-digit percentages.

“We know you by name. They (larger chain casinos) know you by card number,’’ he explains.

While Wildfire is expanding its parking, the Bauchman family property isn’t knocking out the walls of it new14,000-square-foot casino next door ”” at least not yet. “We’re easy to get into,’’ Thompson notes. Even with that modest size, the club has five blackjack tables, 220 slots and a walk-up sports book window outside.

Wildfire also has a Player’s Club, which pays cashback bonuses, an increasingly rare perk these days.

Thompson said the demolition of Ernie’s will be videotaped and broadcast on ABC’s Good Morning America on Wednesday. At the same time, the casino will conduct a fund-raiser for United Blood Services.