Pats’ 100-1 success story stops in Pittsburgh

Jan 22, 2002 5:30 AM

The Final Four brings together the cream of the NFL. But are they?

In the case of St. Louis and Pittsburgh, the answer is yes. The Patriots and Eagles maybe, though a case could be made for the Forty Niners.

The Patriots caught lightning in a bottle. They were a 100-1 shot to be playing in the AFC championship game. The Raiders, Ravens, Titans and yes, even the Dolphins, were more worthy.

Yet, the Patriots are here and you are stuck with them.

AFC Championship

Steelers 31, Patriots 17: The only team capable of staying with the Steelers at this time is St. Louis. Kordell Stewart is at his best, however Pittsburgh’s strength is its defense and running attack.

The Achillies heel is their placekicker. The Steelers overcome their kicker and ready themselves to meet the Rams in the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship

Rams 38, Eagles 33: The Rams will be tested here and the game won’t be a walkover as some people think. The game must be played. The Eagles can play on the turf or on the grass. Can’t say that about the Rams. The Rams have a devastating offense and their defense is pretty good.

On the other side of the coin, the Eagles have Donovan McNabb who has the guts of a second story man and comes up with incredible moves that will keep the Rams defense on their toes. The Rams offense overcomes all to win. However, the Eagles plus the points gets the job done.