Prospects slim for New Hampshire slots

Jan 22, 2002 5:56 AM

“Things don’t look good for the slot machine supporters,” reported a New Hampshire legislator who asked to remain anonymous.

“There will be five bills taken up by a sub-committee of the Ways and Means Commission on Wednesday morning with their recommendation to be discussed by the full committee during the afternoon.

“Trying to push the matter so quickly really hurts the supporters because their lobbyists are not being given the time to get their message across. And, as everyone knows if they can’t get approval during this session with Gov. (Jeanne) Shaheen still in office, they might just as well forget it in the future when she will no longer be in the executive office.

“Sentiment is still strongly against expanding gambling here in the Granite State and House Speaker (Gene) Chandler sent his emissary to a hearing last week to announce as strongly as he could that he opposes all gambling bills,” the lawmaker said.

Up for consideration are proposals that vary in their gaming requests but the major bill focuses on permitting the state’s four pari-mutuel racetracks to operate slot machines.