‘Secret’ movement in California

Jan 22, 2002 6:50 AM

Interesting movement going on in California as a group attempts to blow open the state to unlimited gambling.

Adding to the intrigue is the fact that no one seems to know who is behind the effort to acquire the signatures of more than 670,000 California residents to place a constitutional amendment before lawmakers regarding what is being called the Gaming Control Act.

This all started a couple of months ago when a Palm Springs political consulting firm called The De Ville Group, said it was raising some $2 million to begin a petition drive for an initiative that would change the state’s permitted gaming activities. In so doing, of course, it also would end what has been an Indian gaming monopoly established by a successful referendum that resulted in about 45 Las Vegas-style casinos throughout the state.

The group’s proposal will authorize all forms of gambling “unless specifically prohibited.”

Identified specifically in the proposal would be: all methods and forms of Internet gaming, gaming devices, such as slot machines, and video terminals, gaming games including baccarat, beat the banker, big injun, blackjack, bongo, Caribbean stud, casino war, chemin de fer, Chinese chuck-a-luck, chuck-a-luck, craps, fan-tan, faro, French boule, keno, Klondike, let it ride, mini dice, monte, pai gow, poker, punch boards, pyramid dice, red dog, roulette, seven-and-a-half, tai sai, Texas hold-em, three card poker twenty-one, wheel of fortune and all types of banking and percentage games.

Obviously, the operators of the 45 tribal casinos are opposed since open gambling would adversely affect their casinos.