Cal raising ante

Jan 29, 2002 3:32 AM

Apparently, Nevada’s gambling worries are not reserved to Indian land. Now, the entire state of California wants a piece of the action.

The California Secretary of State has authorized a group to start collecting signatures for a ballot initiative that would remove many of the restrictions now imposed on tribal casinos, card clubs and horse tracks in the Golden State.

The proposed Gaming Control Act, according to a story in Nevada Appeal, has the potential of swallowing much of Nevada’s gaming industry. It would set the age at 18 for gambling, sports wagering, blackjack, slots and craps. The minimum age in both Nevada and New Jersey is 21.

The Nevada Appeal editorial board believes it will be a tough battle to collect the necessary signatures, but the key could be who finances a pro-gaming campaign in California. The feeling is that casino-owning corporations doing business in Nevada would be no qualms as to pouring money into an opportunity to greatly expand their market.

Supporters are planning a $2 million petition drive to get the proposition on the November ballot.

Casino Niagara sets blackjack tourney

Canada’s Premiere Event, the $150,000 Masters of Blackjack Tournament, will be held March 22 at Casino Niagara in Windsor, Ontario.

First prize is $100,000 in U.S. money and the title of Canada’s First Master of Blackjack. The entry fee is $650 dollars in U.S. money. Only 147 seats will be available. Entrants must be at least 19 years of age to participate.

For more information call 1-888-865-3888.